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CONTENTS NEWSFLASH 5 News Highlights 7 Psst 9 South Africa Watchdog

___________ FEATURES___________

10 Can Tanzania make farm ing pay? 13 If the governm ent can’t buy crops,

someone else will

15 Cover Story: Computers - Options narrow fo r US firm s 20 The p rivate sector is in fo r a boost 21 IFC plan w ill help small Kenya firm s

_______INDEX______ 23 AB's annual index for 1986

_________ COUNTRY BRIEFINGS_________

41 Nigeria: Flour mills face severest test 42 Ethiopia: A glimpse at urban life as Addis Ababa celebrates its 100th birthday 43 Uganda: Can the Produce Marketing Board deliver the goods?

44 And can the board win the Ugandan people’s support?

44 Sudan: Prices soar as tempers rise 46 Tanzania: Tourism sector points up planning errors 47 Zambia: Prices fail to keep pace with kwacha rate 48 Cameroon: Imported rice squeezes local growers

49 Kenya: Are you driving a South African car? 50 Zimbabwe: Airline probe is the first of many

50 Zaire: New lines of credit follow unilateral debt-payments decision

51 The Gambia: For better or worse, reforms affect all

A C The US

I w Congress’s package o f sanctions against South Africa specifically targetted certain types of computer sales. In our cover story, BRIAN MURPHY re-examines the outlook for computer companies.

A AT an gan ia n

I w farmers have a hard row to hoe, yet they could realise far more o f their potential than they do now. AB takes a hard look at the obstacles they face and at what can be done to revive Tanzania’s agricultural sector.

__________ SECTOR BY SECTOR__________

53 Agriculture: Milk flows freely in Kenya’s dairy sector

54 Banking & Finance: Kenya car insurance comes under scrutiny 55 Energy & Mining: Cote d ’Ivoire college trains electrical engineers; 55 Uganda moves to revive copper; 56 Tanzania and Zambia plan pipeline repairs; 56 Angola turbine supplies both refinery and city 57 Infrastructure: Togo water scheme nears completion 58 Manufacturing & Technology: Motor assembly plant opens in Ghana

59 M arket Network: Bottletop craze puts (some)

Zambians on bicycles; 59 Nigeria brews its own non-alcoholic beer;

59 Kenya beckons Belgian tourists 61 Transport & Communications: Botswana's first woman pilot aims high; 62 Steam returns to Sudan’s railways; 62 Nigerian ships are detained in Europe;

62 Kenya receives new airport tractors private enterprise never stood a chance against the West’s big multinationals in the race for African development contracts. Now a new group seeks to redress the imbalance.

African Business January 1987 3

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