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CONTENTS NEWSFLASH 5 News Highlights 6 Psst 7 South Africa Watchdog

FEATURE 8 Kenya and Uganda: T ransport links come under the m icroscope

COUNTRY BRIEFINGS 11 Z im babwe: Why the AMA exports maize 13 Mozambique: Support for families boosts agriculture; 13 Uganda: Planners gamble everything on drastic reforms;

14 Uganda's pricing pandemonium 15 Lesotho: SA trade agreement 16 Cote d’Ivoire: Looking at the oil factor 17 Ethiopia: New incentives for peasant farmers

17 Zambia: Life after the IMF

SECTOR BY SECTOR 19 Agriculture: Kenyan dairy farmers get insurance;

19 Mauritius suffers potato shortage 21 Banking & Finance: Non-lslamic bank for Southern Sudan;

22 First woman director for the African Development Bank;

22 Eximbank for Zambia; 23 Credit initiative for Kenyan women; 23 Seychelles clamps down on rental income;

23 Aid is auctioned in Ghana; 24 US Eximbank liberalises policy

24 Energy & M ining: Tanzania prospects for gold & diamonds;

25 Diversifying Malawi's coal resources;

25 Solar technology for drying timber 26 In frastru ctu re: Nigeria's plan to light up Lagos;

48 Togo plans to meet West Africa’s pylon needs 48 Manufacturing & Technology: Computers the man in the street can afford in Kenya; 48 Kenya brewery plans extension 49 Tanzania makes brandy out of stranded fruit;

50 Botswana wool firm moves into silk 51 M arket Network: Little headway in ACP-EEC talks;

51 Zimbabwe’s trade f a i r - a resounding success;

52 PTA offers greater scope

53 T ransport & Communications: Zambians queue for buses & foreign exchange; 53 Duty-free port in Kenya; 54 Liberian shipbreakers delay start-up; 54 Congo gets first air-conditioned train

PORTS & SHIPPING SURVEY 31 Trends & developments in Africa’s shipping

33 Shifting patterns in liner trades 36 Cameroon seeks viable ship-repair capability 37 Major port developments to provide alternatives to South African trade routes

ITALY &AFRICA 41 A special sponsored supplement

Cover Photo: The Port of Maputo in Mozambique; photo courtesy of CFM

Mozambican Railways

8 Many words have been spoken and fingers pointed across the Kenya/Uganda border. Are goods bound to and from Uganda really getting through? AB’s BLAMUEL NJURURI looks behind the rhetoric and finds out what is where and why.

13 UGANDA’Snew econom ic recovery programme is harsher even than the IMF recommendations. To find out how Ugandans across the economic spectrum are coping w ith new money and new erratic prices, AB’s EPAJJAR OJULU w ent to the people.

A ^M e a n w h i le ,

I f queues are building up in ZAMBIA too. AB’s SYLVESTER CHEPOSA opens the w indow on what life is lik e in post-IMF Zambia (see also p53).

A AB’s annual O I PORTS & SHIPPING SURVEY focu ses on port improvement, lin er trades, ship repair and alternative routes for Southern Africa via non-South African ports. (See also p54 for shipbreaking.)

African Business July 1987 3

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