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18 Landscapes of the Imagination Hopes and fears of modern civilisation are amplified in the work of artist Doug Aitken.

19 Modernism Under Construction A retrospective of Anthony Caro features more than 80 works spanning 60 years of his career.


20 An Uncertain World Carsten Höller has created artworks that play with perception and demand participation.

21 Subverting Structures of Power The first US solo show for 10 years by Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles opens at Galerie Lelong.

22 Portraits of a Nation in Transition Work, Rest and Play features over 450 images by 37 British photographers and artists.

23 Fearsome Forces of Nature NMWA’s Women to Watch series surveys the relationship between women artists and nature.


26 Visualising Globalisation Shipping containers have defined global trade since the 1950s. Now, they are being re-purposed as a growing trend in today’s architecture.

52 Fictional Contrasts Cig Harvey transforms the familiar themes of home, family and nature, uncovering cinematic moments in the ordinary movement of life.

32 Existence Abandoned American photographer Lori Nix shoots fading libraries, abandoned hair salons, neglected classrooms, empty bars and silent shops.

46 Redefining Market Forces Kostas Murkudis challenges the way fashion is perceived, created and curated, through a celebration of freethinking this summer.

64 The Lungs of the World The multifaceted histories of photography, art and politics are juxtaposed in an exhibition of the sprawling city and the shrinking rainforest.

70 Intriguing Landscapes In a desire to reconnect with nature, Ellie Davies makes collages of photographs that depict rich forestry and the stars in the night sky.

82 Identifying Perspectives A presentation of the contemporary collections of the Centre Pompidou, Paris, provides a comprehensive overview of art since the 1980s.

88 Geometric Architecture Carlo Cafferini’s striking and large-format images uncover a specific intersection between a building and its various human inhabitants.

100 Poignant Memories In the beginning of the 1940s, during World War II, Brazil became a destination of choice for thousands of immigrants from across the world.


124 Extreme Perfection Solveig Melkeraaen’s fall from grace is unforgiving. In response to it she made a unique film about depression with universal resonance.


132 Experimenting with Sound Wolf Alice – the London-based foursome fronted by Ellie Rowsell – is proving that British indie guitar music is in rude health.

133 Being Part of the Underground Punk husband/wife duo The Lovely Eggs are currently on tour with their album, This Is Our Nowhere – a self-released statement of intent.


136 Acrobats Demystified Performers 7 Fingers return with their acclaimed piece, Traces, exploring what it means to have a shared human experience.

Last Words

162 Candida Höfer Photographer Candida Höfer’s work looks closely at physical spaces and deciphers the true meaning of what they were created to do.


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