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Winter 2000/Spring 2001

4 Soundtracks South Africa's Mahotella Queens ta lk about life after Mahlathini; Buena Vista Social Club star Compay Segundo demonstrates his new lease of life at 93; Nubian musician Mohamed Fadl discusses his tr ibu te to the late, great Egyptian diva Umm Kalthum; fashionable French fusion fanatic Claude Challe shares his enthusiasms; Vilayat Khan, the world’s greatest sitarplayer, offers his pearls of wisdom; Algerian rock-ra/star Rachid Taha ta lks about his latest album; Sudanese singer Rasha explains the angst behind her music plus the ‘ My World’ interview w ith TV historian Michael Wood, Andy Morgan's regular ‘Cyberlines’ , news and more ...

24 Cover feature: Yat-Kha They come from Tuva, a region in south-west Siberia which has attracted attention in the West thanks to its amazing throat-singing tradition. But with the addition of rock guitars, drum -kit and several other wayward elements, Yat-Kha are making waves of their own.

29 Compass points Modern liv ing has in fluenced both everyday life and trad itio nal music all over the world. Lucy Castle rallies to save communal music-making in Romania

32 Postcard In the f ir s t of our musical postcards from roving writers, Sue Steward gives an account of a Sunday morning in Buenos Aires

34 The Songlines Guide to ...

South African township music Nigel Williamson explores those indestructible and in fectious beats

42 The art of music Simon Broughton takes a look at a mural painted by the Warlis, one of India’s many indigenous triba l peoples

52 Top of the world The Editor's selection of the top ten CDs reviewed in th is issue

53 Reviews Africa

North America

South and Central America and the Caribbean



Jewish music

Middle East


Global compilations


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118 Label traveller Simon Broughton profiles the Hungarian label Fono, who provide th is issue’s covermount disc, and the US label Arhoolie, who are celebrating the ir fortieth anniversary

120 On the road Dates and venues for some of the key fo rthcom ing UK concerts including gigs by the Afro-Cuban All Stars with various soloists, Welsh roots tr io Fernhill and West African kora maestros Dembo Konte and Kausu Kuyateh

44 Tools of the trade: the charango Jan Fairley turns the spotligh t on the charango, the tin y mandolin of the Andes, with the help of Jaime Torres 126 UK label distributors A directory of UK suppliers of record labels featured in Songlines

128 Backpack Andy Kershaw returns to his beloved Haiti

Key to recording details © indicates a fu l l-p r ice CD release (£ 10 -0 0 or more for a single disc, or the equivalent per disc in a m u lt ip le CD set) © ind ica tes a m edium -price CD release (£ 7 -0 0 -£ 9 -9 9 ,

as above) ® ind ica tes a bargain-price CD (£ 5 -0 0 -£ 6 -9 9 , as above)

In CD review headings, a rtis t names are given f irs t , followed by the t i t le of th e d isc, the record label, record price range and catalogue number, and to ta l t im in g o f the disc

Winter 2000/Spring 2001 Songlines 3

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