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the Friend

Vol 166 No 40

Contents 3 October 2008

3 Welcome Judy Kirby The poetry of silence

and the prose of action Kevin Franz

4 The spiritual path for me? Ron Kentish

5 What about Hitler? Geoffrey Carnall

6 Why I came to the Meeting house Sibyl Ruth 7 Why I love Meeting for Worship Bob Johnson 8 Recharging our Quaker batteries Harriet Hart 9 Loving the Spirit of the Age Laurie Michaelis

10 Give Jesus a promotion! David Boulton 11 Jesus and me Paul Oestreicher

12-13 Quakers making a difference

14-15 Restorative justice Marian Liebmann

16 ‘Our Lives’: working in

disadvantaged communities Rowena Loverance 18 Conciliation behind the scenes Oliver Robertson 20 Far more than pacifism Rosemary Hartill 21 On being a Quaker artist Rowena Loverance

Who are Quakers?

Quakers, also known as Friends, meet in almost 500 locations around the country and together form Britain Yearly Meeting. Officially named the Religious Society of Friends, Quakers were founded in seventeenth century England by George Fox as an attempt to form ‘primitive Christianity revived’ with an emphasis on personal experience of the divine. Over 350 years Quakers have continued their distinctive style of

silent worship and practice of putting their faith into action. The Friend is the world’s only weekly Quaker magazine, which for 165 years has been providing regular news, comment, reviews and features to our readers across the globe. On page 15 you can sign up for an eight-week trial subscription and receive a free copy of Advices & queries, the book of distilled Quaker wisdom.

Cover image: Searching together. A photo by Jules Montgomery from Aberystwyth Local Quaker Meeting.

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the Friend

The Friend is a weekly magazine providing a voice for Quakers in Britain today.

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