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go tandem Advice for babywearing two children

QWhat sling/carriers would you use to carry a newborn and a small-for-herage toddler at the same time? I really don't want to go down the buggy route and would love some advice and encouraging stories from parents who've multiple carried?'

AVicky Cumber of Have Child, Will Carry answers: ‘There are so many options, but there is no "best" option - it really is a case of what is best for you. I co-run a lending library and advice service, and we have lots of people that tandem carry, and use the same brand of carrier for both. A Birth to Toddler carrier means that it is suitable for babies right up to toddler-aged children. We also advise lots of parents that exclusively babywear - I didn’t use a pushchair. A stretchy wrap is the best for a newborn, and will provide the same environment that you gave your little one inside - dark, warm, safe, tight to you, close to your heartbeat, and well supported. But, obviously, that won't be supportive enough for a toddler. But you could wear a stretchy on your front, and a buckled carrier/tie strap carrier/ woven wrap on your back. Some popular birth-totoddler buckled carriers in our library are the Boba 4G (which has a great newborn insert, and


extra toddler stirrups to support older children from knee to knee); the new Moby Aria, which is great for children of differing ages and the Emeibaby, which is a great Birth-to-Toddler carrier. But buckled carriers all fit people very differently, so definitely need to be tried first. The other truly Birth-toToddler choices are woven wrap - that would work until preschool - and ring slings, which can be lovely for newborns and very useful for up-and-down toddlers, but take a little mastering. But, as you see, so much choice, and it will be particular to you, your family and your requirements. If you can, find a local sling meet/library ( to try out some options. If not, find a postal service to get some support and find the right one for you.

MORE INSPIRATION Here's an overview of different types of carriers: differentkindsofcarriers

WE ASKED ON FACEBOOK – What do you use? Natalie Brown Moby wrap for newborn on your front with Ergo on back. Amy Bateman Try the twingo carrier. Abi Booth Connectas with petite straps are good for tandem carries. Angela Wallace Search out your local sling library/sling meets and get some hands on help and advice from passionate babywearers



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VERSATILE SLING A true Birth to Toddler carrier, the Storchenwiege Ring Sling offers plenty of different carries. You can carry your child on your hip, tummy to tummy and on your back. It’s lovely and secure for newborns and great for toddlers who need a rest when they are just learning to walk. See



1.Who doesn’t love snuggling? Besides, science shows us that positive physical touch is soothing and healing at all ages, it can even reduce pain. 2. Touch can reduce stress. Wearing a child who is experiencing stress can provide them just the support they need to successfully navigate that stress when they’re ready. 3. They love it. Toddlers and preschoolers aren’t really much bigger than babies and they still love to be close. And that’s the best reason. With thanks to

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