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Relax Kids – relaxations, meditations & positive affirmations to help kids cope

Suitable for children ages

3 – 9

Relax Kids has helped children cope with a range of stressful situations including bullying, exams, divorce, bereavement, long-term illness, hospital and doctor appointments. Relax Kids works well with the gifted and talented as well as the vulnerable and low achievers.

Using well-known and loved fairy stories and nursery rhymes, Relax Kids books help children go on magical adventures in their mind. They can be Aladdin floating on a carpet, Jack climbing the beanstalk and floating in the clouds, the Little Mermaid swimming in the

As featured on BBC’s Dragons’ Den ocean and Sleeping Beauty lying in a satin bed. These story meditations and ideas are a fun way for children to explore learning and mindfulness. They are designed to counteract some of the tensions with which we are all familiar at the end of a busy day, and offer parents and children quality time to relax together and share problems.

Children love to tell stories, role-play stories and teach others what they learn from stories. Research shows that mindful meditation calms the brain, inspires creativity and enhances cognitive and socialemotional skills. Practised regularly, these exercises will have a profound effect on children’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and will provide them with skills that will be invaluable for the rest of their life.

“Everyone was greatly impressed.”

HRH Prince of Wales

These books will: Improve sleep Boost immune system Improve concentration and focus Improve listening skills Improve self-esteem and positivity Improve emotional health and literacy Improve creativity and imagination Improve ability to cope with stress and anxiety

Marneta Viegas – founder of Relax Kids

Tilly, nearly 6 My friend Isaac gave me Aladdin’s Magic Carpet book for my birthday. I love being a princess, but my favourite story is Goldilocks as it makes me yawn and relaxes me the best. It makes me imagine that I am trying out the chairs and the porridge. I like porridge. I think Father Christmas will give me a Princess CD as it is on my list. Darcy Any book that captivates my hyperactive/gifted child`s attention for more than one hour deserves more than 5 stars. I am truly grateful for this brilliant book, because what has taken me 2 years to achieve, took this book exactly 1 hour. This book contains brilliant meditations and affirmations, yet more importantly, it allows your child to use her/his imagination in a wonderful and creative manner. Buy this wonderful book and experience a moments of peace, harmony and contentment with your child.

Sarah My partner just got back from a trip to the UK and bought me the Aladdin’s Magic Carpet book for our kids. We Home Ed, so I incorporate the stories into our mornings to get us started in the right frame of mind for the day. Long story short, my children are more centred, relaxed and positive...what a fabulous resource you have created! I will be recommending it to all my friends!

All seven books currently published in the

Relax Kids series are available from bookshops online and in town. Find more Relax Kids and other books at CD & courses available at

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