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EXERCISE Feather in the Wind - Imagine you are a feather floating in the wind. Feel yourself becoming so light that you can feel the wind carrying you along. You enjoy feeling light and free. Imagine yourself floating further and further into the air, feeling totally supported by the wind. POSITIVE AFFIRMATION ‘Today I will be free like wind’ Repeat this to yourself to allow your- self to be creative today! TIP OF THE DAY Make up a relaxation box so your child can go to it when they feel stressed. Include a stress ball, a cuddly toy to stroke, a Relax Kids CD, playdough etc .


EXERCISE Magic Dust - Sit comfortably and take in a deep breath. As you breathe in, feel as if you are breathing in magic fairy dust. Now, gently blow out the fairy dust into the air and imagine the room is being filled with fairydust. POSITIVE AFFIRMATION ‘Today I will breathe like the tide’ - This is a great affirmation to keep your breathing steady when you feel panicked or stressed. TIP OF THE DAY Ensure your child is getting their 5 a day to keep their body and mind healthy. Nutritious food also helps emotional and behavioural management.


EXERCISE Close your eyes, be very still and imagine you are lying down on the grass at night. The grass is soft and warm and you can smell the fresh smell of earth. If you lie there very still, you can hear the blades of grass rustling slightly. It is a warm summer night and the sky is completely black. As you lie there, you can see shimmering stars in the sky.

These stars make interesting patterns in the velvet black sky. Spend some time looking at the glittering patterns. There is one star that catches your eye. It is the biggest star and it shines like a sparkling diamond. As you look at it, you can see all the colours of the rainbow in the star. This is the most beautiful star you have ever seen – it is gleaming in the dark sky. The star appears to get bigger and bigger It is getting brighter and brighter. This is the wishing star. You can wish for anything you like. Spend a few moments thinking about what you would like to wish for and, when you are ready, whisper your secret wish to the star. It is as if the star has heard your wish and is smiling. You feel happy and content that the wishing star has heard your secret wish , and you hope that one day your wish will be fulfilled. Be very quiet – try not to move a muscle – and think about how you would feel inside if your wish were granted. Stay there for as long as you like. POSITIVE AFFIRMATION ‘Today I will float like a cloud’

- This is a great affirmation to help you feel relaxed and calm. TIP OF THE DAY Set up a relaxation corner in your living room or child’s bedroom. Having a designated place for your child to relax will make the relaxation habit easier.


EXERCISE Smiling Heart - Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose, slowly, and out through your mouth. Put your hand
on your chest and spend a few moments feeling calm and relaxed. Now, Imagine that you have a smile in your heart. Watch how you start to have loving feelings. Can you send that smile up to your face? Let your mouth smile gently. Breathe in and out and rest there for a few moments. Now open your eyes and see how different you feel. POSITIVE AFFIRMATION ‘Today I will be loving like a dolphin’ - This is a great affirmation to help you feel love towards your family and friends. TIP OF THE DAY Talk to your child about anything they might feel stressed or anxious about. Help them break down tasks into mini-goals that are manageable. This will help them feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed.

'Take some time out and relax together on the sofa or cushions. Enjoy a massage, some stretches and listen to relaxaing music or stories'


WEEKLY FAMILY CHILL NIGHT Take some time out and relax together on the sofa or cushions. Enjoy a massage, some stretches and listen to relaxaing music or stories. Try the Treasure Board activity here as a way of communicating and relaxing at the same time. TREASURE BOARD Make a big collage of lots of colourful and positive words and images. Find a pile of magazines and newspapers and cut out all the positive words. Get a large piece of paper or card and make a display of all these positive words and images. Children will enjoy cutting out positive images and words from magazines to create a wonderful display of positivity. They can make individual pictures or you may like to create a family picture.


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