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Stonehenge and Avebury Think of an ancient site and chances are an image of Stonehenge will pop up! It's a cliché, but one which still captivates the imagination when you consider that the construction is estimated to have taken more than 30 million hours of labour to complete. Stonehenge forms part of a much larger, and highly complex, sacred landscape which is thought to have evolved over 5000 or more years. Over several days out in the UNESCO World Heritage Site it's possible to wonder at the enormity of Avebury, the largest Neolithic henge monument in the world,

to enjoy a picnic from the top of Iron Age hill fort Old Sarum, to explore the eerie ancestral burial chambers of West Kennet Long Barrow and to marvel at the size and mystery of the perfectly circular Silbury Hill, the largest man-made mound in Europe. The area is also well known for its crop circles during the summer months: man-made or otherwise, I always think they add to the mystical feel of the area.

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Cornwall You are never too far from an ancient monument or settlement in Cornwall, and most sites are easily accessible for families. Wander the wild beauty of Bodmin Moor - keeping an eye out for its fabled beast - and discover three great stone circles known as The Hurlers, thought to have once formed part of an important processional route. The nearby Trevethy Quoit, a Bronze Age portal tomb, is known locally as 'The Giant's house' for obvious reasons! Further west into the Penwith peninsula, local legend has it that if you climb through the peculiar holed stone of Men-an-tol nine times at sunset, all your ills will be magically cured. The impressive chambered tombs of Lanyon Quoit and Chun Quoit are just a few hundred metres away. As well as megaliths, Cornwall is famous for its sacred wells: Madron Well is the best known but in my opinion, the lesser-visited Sancreed Well, where you can hang votive wishes at the wishing tree, is the most enchanting.

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