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John Frankland’s Boulderbeing installed at Mabley Green, August 2008


Eastside Projects opened at the end of September, presenting an ambitious group show, ‘This is the Gallery, and the Gallery is Many Things’, in the developing area of Eastside, Birmingham. Eastside projects is run by a collective of artists and architects, Gavin Wade, Simon and Tom Bloor, Ruth Caxton, Celine Condorelli and James Langdon, who intend the gallery to function as an experimental public space. The current exhibition will unfold over a nine-week period from a constructed ‘empty’ space ‘to a layered and complex gathering of artworks, events and processes in various stages of convergence and divergence’. Artists in the exhibition include Marc Bijl, Spartacus Chetwynd and Marte Eknaes, Liam Gillick, Heather and Ivan Morison and Mag

nus Quaife (to November 22). F-ISH opened last month in Hastings with a solo exhibition of local artist and senior lecturer at Central St Martins, Mario Rossi. Jenny Blyth, Simon Hedges and Peter Stonham run F-ISH. Blyth and Hedges (Sid & Jenny) have been working together for the last 15 years on numerous projects, while separately, Blyth was previously curator at Saatchi (1990-2002) and Hedges, who was born in Hastings, founded and directed the Underwood Street Gallery (1991-2003). The gallery is situated in a new building, the Creative Media Centre, which also houses the recently relocated offices of the BBC and ITN local television networks. Hastings itself is gaining London interest with the Jerwood Foundation earmarking the area for a future space.

Curatorial and educational programming agency the Salford Restoration Office is launching a fortnightly reading group dedicated to Karl Marx’s Capital Vol. 1. The reading is free to all those who wish to participate, but readers are encouraged to bring their own paperback copy. The readings will be in conjunction with a series of lectures by writer and academic David Harvey, who hopes to provide further discourse for the reading group. ❚


The Henry Moore Foundation has contributed £500,000 to the Artist Rooms endowment fund. Artist Rooms is the collection given by Anthony d’Offay to the UK earlier this year, and which National Galleries of Scotland and Tate will co-own and administer. The grant, the largest given in the foundation’s 30-year history, will go towards the display and acquisition of further ‘rooms’ by important contemporary and emerging artists. D’Offay’s collection is notable for concentrations of work by Diane Arbus, manof-the-moment Damien Hirst, Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol. Artist Rooms will be on display at over 15 museums and galleries across the UK over the next year. Richard Calvocoressi, director of the Henry Moore Foundation, comments: ‘I cannot think of a more effective way of realising the principal aims of the Foundation – which is to promote public appreciation of art – than helping Artist Rooms expand and develop in new directions.’ ❚


The winner of this year’s John Moores Painting Prize is Gary McDonald for his painting Fontana in which the artist is depicted slashing his own canvas. The title references Italian artist Lucio Fontana, famous for his ‘Concetto Spaziale’ series of paintings in which he literally cut into space, slashing the canvas. Former winner and 2008 selector Graham Crowleyseemed particularly

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