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The Wire Tapper 38 Your track by track guide to this month’s free CD

Elvinand (keyboards) and James Sedwards (bass)., events in New York such as Ambient-Chaos and Experi-MENTAL.,

5 Center Of The Universe “Kaleidoscopic” (Wire Tapper edit) From Limited Edition (Metronomicon Audio) Norwegian artist Jørgen Sissyfus Skjulstad aka Center Of The Universe mostly works with music and sound.On his latest release Limited Edition (which features a longer version of his Wire Tapper track), Skjulstad takes a more melodic turn. He also runs the Metronomicon Audio label, which specialises in music from the Norwegian underground.,

8 Icepick “Rare Rufescent” (excerpt) From Amaranth (Astral Spirits) Icepick is the new trio of Nate Wooley (trumpet), Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten (double bass) and Chris Corsano (drums). Amaranth, the group’s first studio recording, was taped in a single day in Austin, Texas. It finds the trio building upon their live debut cassette Hexane from 2014.

1 HHY & The Macumbas “Gysin Version” (Wire Tapper edit) From Throat Permission Cut (SILO RUMOR/SOOPA) Hailing from Porto, Portugal, HHY & The Macumbas are comprised of bass, brass, percussion and electronics, written and dubbed by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha aka HHY. An ever-mutating ensemble of musicians from the Portuguese underground scene, The Macumbas live range from five to ten players, their stylistic range encompassing dub and Portuguese marching music. They have played various festivals including Sónar and Primavera Sound. artist/hhy-macumbas, s-i-l-o-porto

3 Simon H Fell & Phil Minton “Knotted Properties” (excerpt) From The Knowledge Of Its Own Making (Huddersfield Contemporary Records) Phil Minton played trumpet and sang with The Mike Westbrook Band in the early 1960s, and later served time with dance and rock groups in Europe. But for most of the last 40 years he has played out as an improvising singer in groups, orchestras and ad-hoc units around the world. Composer and double bassist Simon H Fell is active in free improvisation, experimental jazz and chamber music. He began playing improvised music in 1976, and initiated a long series of compositions for improvisors in 1985. brucesfingers.,,

6 Simon Vincent “Falling Man, Rising Woman For Solo Voice And Electronics” From Falling Man, Rising Woman (Vision Of Sound) Performer and composer Simon Vincent’s acoustic and electronic music has been released on labels like Erstwhile, Emanem, L’innomable and Good Looking, as well as his own Vision Of Sound imprint. He is currently focusing on composition, solo performances, The Occasional Trio and duo work with Tom Arthurs; and from autumn 2015 he’ll be touring a programme of collaborative electroacoustic improvisations alongside Morton Feldman’s piano works. visionhead. de,

9 August Rosenbaum “Rhizome” (Wire Tapper edit) From Rhizome (Hiatus) Experimenting with form and format, Danish pianist August Rosenbaum’s music melds the identifiable and pristine with the world of concrete sound. This diversity is also reflected in his range of collaborators, ranging from artists such as Quadron, Rhye and Robin Hannibal to the abstractions of Zeena Parkins, video artist Jesper Just and Swedish avant garde pioneer Sven-Åke Johansson.,

2 Baconhead featuring Nongenetic “Foreign Or Domestic” From Cabin Fever (Bizarre Rituals) Hiphop production duo Baconhead (aka Brain Rays and Hthr) have recruited US rappers including Empuls, Bloodmouth, Citizen Ledge and Black Saturn for their new material, inspired by hypnotic experiments and JG Ballard’s The Drowned World. Taken from their forthcoming Cabin Fever EP, “Foreign Or Domestic” features Los Angeles rapper Nongenetic of Shadowhuntaz. baconhead,

4 Guapo “Obscure Knowledge” (Wire Tapper edit) From Obscure Knowledge (Cuneiform) Currently celebrating their 20th anniversary, UK avant rock outfit Guapo’s debut single was “Hell Is Other People”, released in 1995. Centred as ever around founding member and drummer David J Smith, the line-up on their tenth release Obscure Knowledge also features Kavus Torabi (guitar), Emmett

7 Pas Musique “Cara Has No Clarity” From Music For Spaceports (Classwar Karaoke) Driven by Robert L Pepper, Pas Musique started in Brooklyn circa 1995. Working in sound and video, they’ve performed in 14 countries as well as throughout the US. They have collaborated with the likes of John 3:16, Philippe Petit, Rapoon and Chester Hawkins. Pas Musique also curate

10 Will Plowman “Rodeo 49.4” Wire Tapper exclusive (A Future Without) Originally a bassist, Will Plowman has diversified into experimenting with electronic instrumentation, composition and soundscapes. The results can be heard on a number of EPs including Ahamay Grove, a 10" inside an origami screen-printed sleeve just released on his own label A Future Without. He is currently working towards an artist residency exploring the dark winter in

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