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the Friend

Contents Vol 166 No 42

17 October 2008

The root of all evil? Quakers talk about finance 3-5 News

3 Restorative justice in New Cross Gate

4 Debt caused ‘incalculable damage’ to Ecuador, claims new commission

5 Political party conferences and the current crisis

6 Triple crunch! Credit, commodities and climate Laurie Michaelis

7 Comment Ron Barden and Judy Kirby

8-9 Letters

10-12 Crisis of capitalism or challenge to our stewardship? ‘ Plutosophos’

13 A long term plan. . . Roger Morton

14 The scandal Quakers can never forget Stephen Taylor

15 Is the economy suffering like Humpty Dumpty? James Wells-Bruges

16 q-eye: a wry look at the world of money

17 Friends & Meetings

Plus there is additional content on The banking crisis: where now? Bill Cunningham Trust T Roger S Wilson

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Cover image: A house built on debt? This week we explore the current financial crisis and how Quakers can and are responding. Photo: Karel Choc. This page: Stop signs. Photo: CarbonNYC/ flickr/CC:BY; Cartoon: ArtToday.

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the Friend , 17 October 2008

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