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“If I leave the tree,” the hedgehog said to himself: “and go to the house to warn my friends, the flood might overtake me and I’ll die. But if I stay in this tree, I won’t be in danger, and I can make sure I escape the flood.”

The hedgehog did not leave the tree. He stayed, and he waited for the flood.

After a little while the flood came. It came roaring through ¬– powerfully, violently – sweeping away and destroying everything in its path.

The hedgehog watched the flood break his house to pieces and drown the rabbit, the cat, and the lamb. When the flood had passed, he left the tree, but he did not feel sad from all the death.

The white dove returned and rebuked the hedgehog: “Your friends are dead because of your fear and because you cared only to save your own life.”

The hedgehog chuckled and said: “My life is the only thing worth caring about.” When the hedgehog uttered these words, his beauty disappeared and his body became covered in dense spikes. He ran to hide in the tall grass.

Since that day he has lived alone, ugly, and full of shame and regret.

Long Live the King

Atyrannical king commanded the wise men of his realm to design an invention so that he would not have to use his feet to walk. He promised them an excessive amount of money if they succeeded, but if they failed then they would have to say a final goodbye to their families as they would never see them again.

After a week, the king’s wise men approached him. Along

BANIPAL 53 – SUMMER 2015 157

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