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to hunger, and there would not be a single hungry person on the face of the earth.

He would become a famous doctor and treat the sick and cure them.

He would become an engineer and build the most beautiful buildings and the longest and strongest bridges.

He would become a millionaire from whom governments and banks would ask for loans.

The other sheep welcomed the young sheep’s words, which pleased them, making them believe that the ideas of their days of indignity were over. They were very proud of the little sheep, but the wolves, foxes, and hyenas were resentful and seized the young sheep, joining forces to get rid of him. The older sheep were surprised at what happened, and from that day on sadness did not leave them, their bleats rising, begging the years to be generous to them and bring them another little sheep who would not be satisfied just to eat and sleep just as they did every day.


One of the sheep never tired of boasting that he lived in a forest that guaranteed freedom of expression to all who lived there without any discrimination. And he was not wrong, for no one dared to stop him from satirizing the dull knife used to slaughter sheep.


One of the sheep dreamed of becoming a well-known writer, and realized his dream after writing a medical book on how to fatten sheep in the shortest possible time. His book was welcomed with praise and sold well. It was bought by all the sheep who were ashamed of being thin and also by all sheep owners.


One of the sheep became famous for being against violence and a supporter of peace and dialogue all his days, and what he believed had a great influence on his spiritual development, forcing those who ate him to confess that his flesh, when grilled on a slow fire,

BANIPAL 53 – SUMMER 2015 71

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