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96 Hartmut Fähndrich: About The Execution of Death 98 Mehmet Hakkı Suçin: Made for Each Other – the short story and Zakaria Tamer 100 Zakaria Tamer: Two Very Short Stories, trans. Ibrahim

Muhawi 102 Paul Starkey reviews Tigers on the Tenth Day and The

Hedgehog 106 Susannah Tarbush reviews Breaking Knees 110 Volker Kaminski reviews Die Hinrichtung von Tod (The

Execution of Death) 113 Ismail Fahd Ismail: Fingers on the Trigger 114 ZAKARIA TAMER: Interview by Dima Alchukr 133 ZAKARIA TAMER: “The Promotion of Folly”,

trans. Ibrahim Muhawi 134 ZAKARIA TAMER: FOUR STORIES

135 “The Arab Prison”, trans. John Peate 141 “The Old Gate”, trans. Roger Allen 144 “The Earth is Ours, the Sky belongs to the Birds”,

trans. Spencer Scoville 148 “An Angry Man”, trans. Roger Allen 150 ZAKARIA TAMER: 13 STORIES FOR CHILDREN

“Why did the River stop Talking?” and other stories, introduced and translated by Cayton Clark, with illustrations by Abigail O’Brien 180 ZAKARIA TAMER: The Biography

BOOK REVIEWS 182 Paul Blezard: The Broken Mirrors/Sinalcol by Elias Khoury 186 Paul Starkey: Women of Karantina by Nael Eltoukhy 190 Michael Hulse: Dizza Castle by Salah Niazi 192 Margaret Obank: Studying Modern Arabic Literature: Mustafa

Badawi, Scholar and Critic 195 Stephen Watts: Sand Opera by Philip Metres 198 Clare Roberts: Telepathy by Amir Tag Elsir 200 Aoe Tanami: Revolution is my Name by Mona Prince

BOOKS IN BRIEF & BOOKS RECEIVED 202 Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction

EVENTS 214 Abu Dhabi: The 2015 International Prize for Arabic Fiction

Award 217 Abu Dhabi: The 2015 Sheikh Zayed Book Award 220 London: Saud Alsansousi launches The Bamboo Stalk 222 CONTRIBUTORS

Dima Alchukr

Subhi Hadidi

Susannah Tarbush

Mahmoud Shukair

BANIPAL 53 – SUMMER 2015 7

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