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ing their illusory sacredness. With him we see how the real writer has the courage to be the voice of his mute people. In his short story “The Tigers on the Tenth Day” we read how the animal tamers try day after day to oblige the tiger to forget that he is a tiger and to bray like a donkey. They succeed in their attempt, but we know that the tiger will never forget this injustice.

Zakaria Tamer’s first volume of short stories The Neighing of the White Horse is published in 1960. In the following fifty-five years he has published many other collections of the short stories. He has also written tales for the children. Besides all that, he has worked as a cultural editor for many newspapers and magazines in Syria

Poster of Al-Nuqaad (The Critics) magazine celebrating Zakaria Tamer

92 BANIPAL 53 – SUMMER 2015

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