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SPUC Lives Worth Living campaign

A bill to make assisting suicide legal comes before Parliament soon - but YOU can help stop it

Flyer for handing out at your church or delivering in your neighbourhood.

  On September 11, MPs will debate a law to authorise doctors to assist people to commit suicide. Most doctors reject this – they know it will cause great damage to patient-doctor relations. Disabled, sick and elderly people will be at risk. Write to, or visit, your MP and ask him/her to vote against the Marris bill. Order free copies of this flyer and booklet to help defeat the Marris bill.


There is no charge for ordering these booklets and flyers, but our campaign against the bill has cost over £15,500 so far, and we have much more to do. Any donation is most welcome. To make a donation by credit/debit card, please call SPUC on 020 7091 7091 during office hours.

Unit B, 3 Whitacre Mews, London SE11 4AB

To order your free copies of the flyer and/or booklet: call SPUC Lives Worth Living (020 7091 7091), email or return this form to: SPUC Lives Worth Living,



How many copies of the flyer can you distribute? (please indicate:) 50o 100o 500oOther:______ How many booklets explaining how to put the arguments against the Bill?

1o 5o Full name: Address: Postcode Email

50o Other:________


Order this 12 page booklet giving you powerful points against assisted dying to put to your MP. Includes facts and figures from other countries and an outline letter.

My donation to help the campaign: (please make cheques payable to SPUC Pro-Life Ltd.) Amount £10 o £100 o £1000 o £ Other o

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