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The Numismatist


CANADIAN CO INAGE Canada's $2 Coin: A Bear Necessity 1197 Introduced as a money-saving measure, a bimetallic coin with a frosty motif receives a warm reception from Canadians. PIERRE MORIN, DAVID MOORE AND TARA SHIELDS

U.S. COMMEMORATIVES Iowa's Centennial Half Dollar 1202 The silver commemorative coins issued in 1946 to celebrate the centennial of Iowa's statehood are just as popular today as they were 50 years ago. ANTHONY SWIATEK

EXONUMIA The Royal Flush 1206 On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of indoor plumbing, perhaps it's time for numismatics to come out of the water closet. BARBARA]. GREGORY

RUSSIAN COINAGE Early, Short-Lived Coins of Russia 1211 A thousand years ago, production of coinage in ancient Russia began and was suspended­

all within a few, short decades. NICK GLUSCHE KO

Iowa commemorative half dollars celebrate a golden anniversary (page 1202).



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