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aaltimore, MD

November 22-2C Sallt8 CI4re ShOW Santa Clara Convention Center Santa Cia/8, CA

Visit NGCcoin. corn to experience the most comprehensive numismatic website avail


able. You will find free access to Census information, spectacular images of coins graded by NGC and all the latest news. The NGC website is an invaluable tool for dealers and collectors alike.

INC eWswoggosr Receive iiionthly updates on what' ~ new in numomatics and at NGC, ~l aaw IB gmbatlg If you wish ta submit coins to NGC, you may go through ane of our dealers or tntemet partners. Find 8 Dealer:

Select 8

~ The citified Colo Registry offers a dynandc system for collectors to enjoy friendly competition while assembling g remarkable collections. The Registry's fair, expert and numismatically accurate ranking system is truly unique. It accounts for several important factors, including grade, rarity and population, awarding Bonus Points for the NGC "star" designation for exceptional eye appeal. Accepting coins from the two major grading services, NGC and PCGS, the Certified Coin Registry is the most Inclusive program of its Idnd. Visit Collectors-Society. corn for more information.

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