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V eNetia t hompsoN : I F ound a S ock F ull oF c ocaIne In M y d rawer

15 N ovember 2008 £2.95 CUT, CUT, CUT! F raser N elsoN ’ s guide to the public spending cuts that must be made

Alexei Sayle’s Diary

Emily Maitlis: Chicago Notebook

AustrAliA A$6.95. BAhrAin BD2.80. CAnADA C$6.75. Euro ZonE e 5.50 (excl. Portugal). nEw ZEAlAnD nZ$7.95. PortugAl (Cont.) e 5.50. south AfriCA ZAr46.00. uAE AED30.00. usA us$6.50

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