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…and the weirdest thing they’re afraid of… Rock Sound, Unit 2.38, Whitechapel Technology Centre, 75 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DU Tel: + 44 (0)20 7877 8770 Fax: + 44 (0)20 7377 0455 Editor: Ryan Bird (Jelly. I don’t trust the way it moves) DEPUTY Editor: David McLaughlin (Mr Tickle. If he wanted to, he could tickle you forever and there is absolutely nothing you could do about it) DIGITAL EDITOR: Andy Biddulph (cling film) ART EDITOR: Mike McCabe (moths) REVIEWS EDITOR: Gav Lloyd (Beavis & Butthead) WEB DESIGNER: Kieran Delaney COLUMNISTS: Corey Taylor (8), Vic Fuentes ADVERTISING MANAGER: Ben Crudgington (Michael Bolton’s ‘How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?’) Tel: 0207 877 8776 Publisher: Patrick Napier (Ryan Bird with no trousers on) Tel: 0207 877 8779 WORDSMITHS: Max Barrett, Giles Bidder, Richard Cartey, Helen Catchpowle, Alex Deller, Alex Gosman, Candice Haridimou, Chris Hidden, Darren Johns, Mike Kemp, Andrew Kelham, Joe Marshall, Tim Newbound, Sarah O’Connor, Mischa Pearlman, Gareth Pierce, Alex Reeves, Oli Robertson, Jack Rogers, Rob Sayce, Pete Withers Hapy SnApers: Tom Barnes, Ashley Bird, Duncan Bryceland, Nigel Crane, Adam Elmakias, Kevin Estrada, Tom Falcone, Mark Forrer, Steve Gerrard, Ben Gibson, Kane Hibberd, Zen Inoya, Carla Mundy, Al Overdrive, Nathaniel Shannon, Giles Smith, Justine Trickett

Tatoo Ilustration: Niklos Coskan

SPECIAL thanks: Rob Sayce

BONUS thanks: The workers drilling upstairs. Poppunk + drilling = Oh FFS Newstrade distribution by Marketforce. If you have any trouble getting hold of Rock Sound in the shops please call: 020 3148 3333. Subscription rates are as follows: UK £37.99, Europe / US / Canada £49.00, Rest of world £69.00. To subscribe or if you have a problem with your subscription please call: 03337 77 33 51 or email: All calls are charged at local rates. Rock Sound cannot accept responsibility for any unsolicited manuscripts and photographs or for material lost or damaged in the post. All material remains the copyright of Rock Sound Ltd. No part of Rock Sound may be reproduced in whole or part without the prior permission of the publisher (and that includes scanning and uploading it to the net, kids). Our lawyers will be round (and they’re very scary). ABC Member of The Audit Bureau Of Circulation Jan-Dec 2014: Average net circulation 13,516 ISSN: 1465-0185

Printed in the UK by Polestar Published by Rock Sound Ltd – 100 per cent independent

Every time we tease the launch of a new issue online, we’re inundated with readers’ guesses as to who might (or apparently should) grace our next cover. Sometimes the suggestions make us laugh. Sometimes they make us raise a collective eyebrow. Sometimes it’s just someone’s dead proud mum being a dead proud mum, and no matter how much they badger us, it’s just never going to happen. But we always take note, and ever since they started stealing hearts a little over a year ago, PVRIS have been a constant in the steady stream of suggestions clogging up our socials. As a wise lady once said, Paris is always a good idea. Or PVRIS, in this case. So it’s with great pride that we welcome them to their first ever dedicated magazine cover anywhere. They look right at home too, we’re sure you’ll agree. Hopefully you’ll find their story as fascinating as we do, too. They’re one of our favourite bands and it feels like their star is set to just rise and rise. What’s clear is that this is just the beginning of something special, and in Mischa Pearlman’s intimate and revealing feature, we find Lynn Gunn endearingly dazzled by the brightness of the spotlight being shone on them right now. Elsewhere we’ve got some stellar stuff on The Wonder Years, Bullet For My Valentine, Enter Shikari and so much more that there’s really no point in us holding you back from diving right in and enjoying it all. So yeah, you know what to do. Do it! Until next time, mates. Look after one another. P.S. you look, like, totally badass covered in those stick-on tattoos!


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