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NEWS & REGULARS 06 BIG PICTURE Issues have nearly finished their new album!

*does a little wiggle dance* 08 PARKWAY DRIVE Winston’s angrier than that time we had all yellow fruit gums in one pack. 12 VIC FUENTES This month Vic advises someone to get their dog neutered. Erm… 14 COREY TAYLOR We’re surprised Corey managed to stop picking his nose long enough to write this. 18 FASHIONABLY GREAT Impress your friends, family and pets with some sick new gear. Seriously, your goldfish will be impressed. EXPOSURE 22 NOTHING BUT THIEVES Your new favourite band? Watch out, this lot might just steal your hearts! 24 WSTR Pop-punk so good we threw our pizza in the air. The cleaner hates us. 27 NEKOKAT Sounds like a Pokémon, actually a totally rad ne w supergroup! 29 BEAUTIFUL BODIES “You are beautiful, no matter what they say,” we regularly sing to ourselves.

FEATURES 30 THROWBACK: CRAZY TOWN Shifty Shellshock and Epic Mazur were a right pair of cheeky devils. Read about their hijinks here. 34 LIFE LESSONS: DAVID DRAIMAN The Disturbed frontman puts all those rude wallies on

Twitter in their place. Go get ’em Dave! 36 MY TUNES: BRENDON URIE Brendon discusses getting stuffed for his funeral and using his private parts in a wrestling match. Oh, and some songs he likes. 38 IN THE FIRING LINE: WHILE SHE SLEEPS Pumpkin sized heads and feet for hands, this is all a bit strange… 42 THE WONDER YEARS Awww, we just want to give Dan Campbell a big hug.

We give the best hugs, he’d feel better in no time. 58 PVRIS They’re the band that are blowing minds on this year’s

Warped Tour. Get the exclusive story here. 66 BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Better grab a spare face, Matt Tuck is back with riffs to melt your current one. 70 ENTER SHIKARI 96 hours on tour and we didn’t take a change of pants.

Sorry again, guys…. 74 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Ivan Moody isn’t moody at all, he’s actually quite a jolly chap. ALBUMS 76 BRING ME THE HORIZON 82 DEFEATER 88 SLAYER



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