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News 6 Week in review A guide to the past seven days in the Catholic world 8 Home news MPs throw out the Assisted Dying Bill 12 World news Stable gay relationships are better than ‘temporary’ ones, says Austrian cardinal 16 News focus Is the Church facing a fight with Jeremy Corbyn?

Comment 19 Notebook Fr Dwight Longenecker puts on his thickest Southern accent as he visits Canterbury Cathedral 20 Cover story Stephen White says Americans are reshaping global Catholicism 23 Comment Ann Widdecombe on the war that Christians should be calling for 24 Feature The Church’s next saint doesn’t deserve to be called a ‘devil’, says Thomas J Craughwell 25 Comment Queen Elizabeth II shows us how to overcome suffering, says Fr Raymond de Souza 26 Feature Benedict Nguyen says dramatic new annulment reforms could be disastrous

News focus Is Corbyn’s victory good news for the Church? Page 16

Benedict Nguyen Put annulment reforms on hold Page 26

Ann Widdecombe Let’s stop dithering and launch an all-out war in Syria Page 23

28 Foundations Harry Mount on the Catholic convert who made his wife wear medieval dresses 29 Comment Mary Kenny has a special request for Jeremy Corbyn 31 Letters and emails

Arts and life 32 Arts Robert Tanitch wonders how actors survive a gruelling new addiction drama 35 Books Jon Anderson on the spectacular revenge of Armenian genocide survivors 39 Spiritual Life Pastor Iuventus names the great mistake Catholics have committed for the past 40 years 40 Catholic Life 42 Bishops’ engagements 43 Crossword 44 Charterhouse Stuart Reid says Confession queues can make us sin 47 The Last Word Don’t believe anyone who claims to fully understand God, says Fr Ronald Rolheiser Cover image: CNS

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