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W&N History HB February £25.00 304pp 16pp colour illustrations 978 0 297 87153 8 eBook: £25.00 / 978 0 297 87154 5

Benjamin Franklin is the only person to sign the three great founding documents of the United States. But just a few years earlier he was living permanently in London, respected as an ardent British loyalist.

GEORGE GOODWIN Benjamin Franklin in London The British Life of America’s Founding Father

The fascinating story of the First American’s life in London on the eve of the War of Independence. For the great majority of his long life, Benjamin Franklin was a loyal British royalist. In 1757, having made his fortune in Philadelphia, he crossed the Atlantic to live as a gentleman in the heaving metropolis of London. From there he mixed with the brilliant and the powerful: David Hume, Matthew Boulton, Edmund Burke and even the King. The early 1760s saw Britain’s elevation to global superpower status with victory in the Seven Years War and the succession of the young, active George III. These two events brought a sharp new edge to political competition in London, and redefined the relationship between Britain and its colonies. They would profoundly affect Franklin himself, eventually placing him in opposition to his ambitious son William. Though Franklin long sought to prevent the break with Great Britain, his own actions would finally help cause that very event. With his unique focus on the fullness of Benjamin Franklin’s life in London, George Goodwin has created an enthralling portrait of the man, the city and the age. George Goodwin is a history graduate of Pembroke College, Cambridge. He is the author of two military histories, Fatal Colours: Towton 1461 and Fatal Rivalry: Flodden 1513.



Location: Kew, Surrey Available for interview @GeorgeGoodwin1

W&N Non-Fiction • February 2016

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