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Cover Tile with lustre-painted decoration, 12th–13th century, Iran, ceramic, 43.5  34.3  2.5cm. The Keir Collection of Islamic Art on loan to the Dallas Museum of Art See feature on pp. 82–87


25 Editor’s Letter

Spirit levels 26 Agenda

November highlights 31 Diary

Valerie Fletcher on rethinking Surrealist sculpture 33 Letter

Gillian Darley in Lisbon 34 Letter

William Cook in Belfast 36 Architecture

Gavin Stamp on Palladian design 39 Q&A

Ugo Rondinone on John Giorno’s retrospective at the Palais de Tokyo 42 Inquiry

Alistair Brown on the public collections that are hidden from view 46 Asian Art in London Preview

Anna Brady selects her highlights of the event p. 56

Features 56 The God of Small Things

Susan Moore talks to Konrad Seitz about his impressive collection of Indian miniatures, assembled over 50 years 64 Solitary Soul

Lee Ufan tells Martin Gayford about how philosophy informs his minimalist works and sculptural installations 70 Trading Places

Timothy Brook on the arrival of luxury goods from the Far East and their depiction in Dutch Golden Age painting 76 In Context

Donal Cooper & Jennifer Sliwka on using digital methods to reconstruct the Florentine church of San Pier Maggiore 82 Southern Splendour

Louise Nicholson examines how the loan of the Keir collection to the Dallas Museum of Art will change the Texan institution


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