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Contents December 2015

This month 05 If I ruled the world

06 Recommends 10 Prospect events

Join us at our talks and debates 12 Letters

Opinions 14 Hillary: the true outsider plus ’ cartoon strip. 15 Finding God in China

16 Nigel Farage’s dream

18 Cruel and unusual times for Labour

20 The 007 myth is important to Britain

21 Is the UN capable of tackling climate change?

Interview 22 Ben Bernanke: “we are better placed to cope with a crisis than in 2008”

The Prospect Duel 24 Should the government rethink its policy on tax credits?

Features 28 The battle of our time

Workers vs pensioners , 36 An ugly divorce

Brexit will be a diplomatic disaster 38 Britain decides

Will voters keep the UK in Europe?

Arts & books 68 Mistress of all she surveyed

The seeds of Thatcher’s downfall 71 The Buddha of banking

Ben Bernanke, the right man for a crisis 72 The value of deception

John le Carré’s double life

42 Who is the real David Cameron?

A leader best when things are broken 48 Having it all

Women need to trust their spouses 54 Compassion is not enough

Foreign aid should be about jobs 58 Is the House of Saud about to fall?

There are real signs of strain 62 His master’s voice

The perils of political speechwriting

76 What the Romans really did

Mary Beard debunks some hoary myths

80 Books in brief

Life 82 Leith on life 82 Life of the mind 83 Matters of taste 84 Wine 84 DIY investor

Endgames 87 The generalist crossword

87 Enigmas & puzzles

88 The way we were Misbehaviour at work


Prospect’s Blueprint for Britain—now revised and expanded

Get your copy of the revised and expanded edition of Prospect’s Blueprint for Britain with answers to the questions raised by the election, including the promise of more powers for Scotland and the English regions. With contributions from Meg Russell, Peter Kellner, Jim Gallagher, Chris Hanretty, John McDermott and Vernon Bogdanor. Download your free copy now at:

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