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No 224 October 2005


Chelsea 4 West Brom 0 “This is a club, a place and a brand name that carries serious economic weight for ten million class-conscious Londoners” p26

4 Editorial We can’t wait for the World Cup 6 Diary Chelsea win their tug of love over Essien;

Gordon Strachan is all but lost for words; England embarrassed; the big kick-off 10 Shot! Five promoted clubs take their first steps 12 Sidelines Television horrors in Scotland and

England; the fans take charge at Stockport, Brentford and Rushden 16 Plastic Fantastic Artificial turf is back and better than ever 18 Thun Up The Swiss side who have come from nowhe r e t o f a c e A r s e n a l ; p l u s r a r e We l s h success for Rhyl and Carmarthen 20 Owen and Nakata Just how good are the big-name arrivals at

Newcastle and Bolton? 22 Going Nowhere In Italy Torino and Genoa fall foul of the authorities 24 Shot! Archive George Eastham, his wife and the League

Cup get cosy in 1972

26 Match Of The Month Chelsea struggle to find people with more money than sense as they play West Brom 30 Lord Burns Of Soho Square Will anyone listen to the independent review of the FA’s structure? 32 Strange Case Of... Cedric Anselin, who has travelled from

Zidane’s Bordeaux to King’s Lynn via Norwich and a bout of malaria 34 Lights, Camera, Bad Actors Make it your “Goal!” to miss this film

38 Book Reviews Crazy days at Wimbledon; casual looks at

Liverpool; Bobby Robson tries to recall his career; a day in the life of football

40 Letter From... Argentina, where Boca Juniors have become a political football and their most famous explayer has a new job

46 A Season In Brief

Division Two, 1976-77: will Bolton or Forest take that last promotion place and go on to European glory?

Diego’s back p40



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