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contentsno 187 september 2002

4 editorial

Carry on spending?

6 diary

New TV deal for the League; El Tel says yes to Leeds; Boston’s points punishment; West Brom barney over bonuses

10 the bigger picture

Notts County ageing well

12 sidelines

Brazil’s got the Blues; Clydebank come to a halt; Marlon King with time on his hands; South Korea playing the corporate game; R is for Ralph

16 barcelona

Van Gaal arrives, Rivaldo leaves

18 football finance

Bradford City on the brink; how administration works; cash chaos in Italy

22 terry venables

Does he know what he’s doing?

24 wsc roundtable

Discussing the state of football as a new season looms – is the worst yet to come?

30 footballers on location

A rough guide to the world

31 2002 readers’ survey

We want to know what you think

34 strange case of

Esteban Fuertes – were Derby duped?

36 race and rangers

An extract from WSC’s new anthology, Always Next Year 4

38 names in the news

Tabloid stories you may have missed

39 letter from...

Coping with hooliganism in Poland

46 league of wales

A guide to the league bossed by Barry Town




Peter Reid, anthropologist page 30

“£30 million and whatever his wage demands are for Ferdinand... it’s taking football down the sink”

regulars 21 wsc subs + t-shirts 33 web review 40 wsc books 42 letters 45 classifieds

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