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3-5 News

3 Child soldiers campaigners look to 2009

4 Junior Yearly Meeting in print

5 European Quakers seek way forward on climate change

6 What is a Local Ecumenical Partnership? Michael Langford

7 Comment Jackie Fowler and Barbara Forbes

8-9 Letters

10-11 Is this really what you meant to happen? Judith Baker

12-13 Arts

12 Quaker art work project Nick Tyldesley

13 When astronomers and poets meet… Bob Ward Two ways towards truth Fred Watson

14 ‘Gently move’ John Lampen and David Boulton

15 Originality and religion Michael Oppenheim

16 q-eye: a wry look at the Quaker world

17 Friends & Meetings

Cover image: The new art work at Bolton Local Meeting. Photo: Nick Tydlesley. See page 12.


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the Friend , 16 January 2009