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When Saturday Comes No 347 January 2016

“Phoenix” and “Blue” celebrate Wigan’s goal against Shrewsbury

REGULARS 5 Editorial Leicester’s rise to the top of the Premier

League won’t last, but it’s good for the division

6 Sidelines Wimbledon’s King-sized problem; Bolton,

Charlton and Northampton crises; Scots’ Euro exits; Panini stick it out; Palace renovations

12 Shot! An FA Cup first-round shock as

Northwich Victoria beat Boreham Wood

15 Harry Pearson column Your memories of even the greatest players can be formed around strange moments

24 Focus on Bobby Robson leads Ipswich’s European exploits throughout the 1970s and 1980s

The last goal saw fans “chair the hero of the most sensational scoring feast football has ever known” Record goalscorers p40

31 Euro view

Enjoying life on Croatia’s Adriatic coast

35 World view

Australian fans under attack; Peñarol on the move; Hong Kong make a point against China

42 Books B i g S am t he man ; Jo c k ’s R a nge r s ;

Gre t n a s t a r t a g a i n ; Sk y Blue t h i n k i ng

44 Letters “Here’s some skulduggery gone wrong...”

46 Season in brief Millwall reach the top f light for the first time

FEATURES 16 Brand disloyalty The Football League’s new name won’t solve i t s problem s ; t he US wa r ms t o t he “ EPL”

18 Brits abroad David Moyes fails to Basque in any glory; UK

coaches in foreign leagues get little FA support

20 Match of the month Wigan acclimatise to being the favourites in

L e a g ue One a s s t r ug g l i ng Sh r ewsbu r y v i s i t

27 Tattooed memories Body art is back in fashion for players, but supporters keep it football related


Heading past a burger van, one fan repeats “chips ’n’ cheese!” to his mates, in a tone not unlike someone trying to convince sceptics he’s seen a spaceship Wigan Athletic v Shrewsbury Town p20

28 Print resolution Local papers connect fans to their clubs; Man

Utd and Liverpool dominate the book market

32 Coaching manual Amateur coaches have more knowledge than e ve r but t h at doe s n’ t a lway s he lp t he k i d s

33 Savage criticism As tempting as it is to have a go at Robbie

Savage, John Terry’s response lacked respect

38 The Man Behind The Goal A new book of Brian Glanville’s short stories

40 Individual goals Scoring seven times in a game is quite an achievement – unless it was during 1935-36

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