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80 Marko & Boban Marković


Upfront 06 Top of the World CD 09 What’s New & Obit 15 Letters 16 Introducing...

Z oufris Maracas & The Rheingans Sisters 18 Songlines Music Travel 19 Spotlight:

T iken Jah Fakoly

“I tried to show what was beautiful in my country that’s been splintered now, maybe forever” Vieux Farka Touré, see p22

features 20 Best Albums of 2015

We select our favourite albums of the year 22 Vieux Farka Touré

The Malian singer talks about his new album 28 Akram Khan

The choreographer and dancer’s new show, Until the Lions 32 Aon Teanga

Connecting the Gaelic songs of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man 36 Junun

Shye Ben Tzur and Jonny Greenwood join forces with The Rajasthan Express

Reviews 46 Africa 48 Americas 52 Europe 59 Asia 61 Middle East 63 Pacific 64 Fusion 69 Books 70 World Cinema 72 Live Reviews


M a r k o S t a j i c

Regulars 76 My World:

Natalie Merchant 79 Postcard from

Mongolia 80 Beginner’s Guide:

Boban and Marko Marković 82 Festival Pass: Rio

Loco, Toulouse 85 Dispatch from

Moravia 87 Quickfire 89 Gig Guide

96 Subscribe 97 Soapbox 98 Essential Ten:

Balkan albums

R i c h a r d

H a u g h t o n issue 114 › songlines 05

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