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Inside The Wire 383 | January 2016

2015 Rewind illustrated by Julien Simshäuser

31 2015 Rewind: the year in underground music 32 Releases of the year We asked our contributors to nominate their

47 Moving Premises top 10 vinyl, CDs, downloads and streams of the year, then we counted up the votes 38 Critics’ reflections Our contributors look back on 2015’s cultural highs and lows 39 Pictures Of Infinity

Stewart Smith on the cosmic jazz connection 41 Leave The Capital Abi Bliss on underground music thriving outside the metropolis 42 Writing And Difference

Frances Morgan on women on music 45 Ego Trippin’

Patrick Ward on the return of the concept album 49 Columnists’ charts Our specialist critics select music that rocked their corner of the subculture, from avant rock to the outer limits 52 Artists’ reflections A cast of 2015’s most active movers and shakers shine the spotlight on their cultural year 56 Archive releases of the year Our contributors voted for their Top 10

reissue or archival albums, tracks and downloads, and we counted them all up

Richard Stacey on MCs growing up in public

4 Masthead 6 Letters 8 Bitstream

News and more from under the radar 9 Trip Or Squeek Cartoon strip by Savage Pencil 16 Unofficial Channels Vocal Fry 106 Out There Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings

112 Subscribe Print, digital, downloads and CDs


12 Marc Baron The French collage artist tape-tackles the jumble of daily life. By Nick Cain 14 Lawrence Lek The film maker reveals truths about the modern city via parables of a depopulated future. By Emily Bick 18 Collateral Damage DW Robertson (aka Ergo Phizmiz) assesses the drawbacks of music’s pay-what-youwant online economy Global Ear 20 Zagreb The Croatian capital’s disparate underground music scene is alive with possibilities. By Antonio Pošćić Invisible Jukebox 24 Gnod Salford’s neo-psych warriors trip over The

Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Nick Mitchell 88 The Inner Sleeve Noveller on Sonic Youth’s Goo videos 114 Epiphanies John Collins finds his own space on a tour bus in Ghana

62 Reviews Index

63 Soundcheck New vinyl, CDs, downloads and streams, plus reissues and specialist columns, including: 65 Gqom Oh! Durban renewal. By Chal Ravens 69 Shapednoise/The Sprawl/ Roly Porter Applied biomechanics. By Louis Pattison 84 John Cale Remaking society. By Ian Penman 89 Print Run New music books: jazz and religion, musical revolution, the mysteries of Japan and adventures in American music 92 On Screen New films and DVDs: Theory Of Obscurity: A

Film About The Residents and Tubby Hayes: A Man In A Hurry 93 On Site Recent exhibitions: X-Ray Audio: Forbidden

Soviet Music ‘On The Bone’ in Birmingham and Karen Finley in London

94 On Location Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Semibreve,

Jazzfest Berlin, Księżyc, PJ Harvey and more

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