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24 Abercorn Place, St John's Wood, London, N.W.8


Double Issue-Five Shillings

Vol. 2. No. 8/9. July-October 1969

Editorial Group

3 5 8

Editorials All Power to the Soviets?

Pressures of Population

11 The Limits of Permis&veoess 18 Quotes

An Open Letter to Ernest Bader Herbert Read Edward Carpenter, Norman Cousins, Danilo Dolci, E. J.

Editor John Papworth

Managing Roger Franklin Editor

Plletry David Kuhrt

Mishan, Helen & Scott Nearing, Henry David Thoreau Layout Graham Keen

20 Good Ford ! Good Maud ! Leopold Kohr

& Art John Furnival



Pop in the Park (A photo supplement) Angelika von Mutius

Healthy Development E. F. Schumacher

Business Micha~! North

& Subs.

32 34



44 45

Poem from ' Episodes ' Gramdan : Obstacles to

Panchayati Raj People's Politics in a Non­

ViQlent Society



David Kuhrt A. C. Sen

Satish Kumar - Vinoba Bhave

Anne Vogel, Avraham Ben-Yosef, George Matthews

Rural Notebook John Papworth

Editorial Advisory Group E rnest Bader Danilo Dolci Ray Gosling

Prof. Leopold Kohr Jayaprakash Narayan Dr. E. F. Schumacher


New Readers Begin Here:

Resurgence is concerned to promote a new debate on the direction of civilisation. It is opposed to the fashionable sophistry which argues that such things as a growth of scale of organisation, or of science and technology are in themselves beneficial, and urges that these and other factors when not strictly subordinated to human purposes and human value judgements invariably abort them and undermine them. It believes there is a pressing need for a wide ranging and continuous discussion on just how large human political units should be if they are to serve the real needs of their members, and precisely what moral and material goals the forces of science and technology, of industry, agriculture and much else should serve if the dangers that these Promethean forces are promoting are not to overwhelm us.

When they are organised on a large scale it is opposed to capitalism , communism, socialism , Trotskysm, Fabianism, Anarchism, Henry Georgism, and other current orthodoxies; when they are organised 011 a small scale it is prepared to give qualified support to all of them.

Current Subscribers Begin Here:

This double issue covering the four month period from July to October is partly to catch up with our lagging production schedule and partly to accomodate holiday absence of members of the editorial group. We anticipate that the next issue, Vol. 2, No. JO (Nov./ Dec. 1969) will appear in early October, and our aim is to bring out subsequent issues one month in advance of the publication date. Please remember we need your letters for our correspondence columns-and the sooner (and shorter) the better.

Our Fourth World Newsletter has run into a number of production problems, but we hope to re-start this service on a regular basis in the autumn.

We hear from the U.S.A. that peace organisations are having a bad time with pillaging of their mail, vandalism of files and robbery of records in their offices and so on. Our cash ledger and some record cards have been pinched from a motor cycle pannier, so we do not know quite who has paid subs or sent donations to our funds over recent months. So if you have had no acknowledgment of your money bear with us; many subscriptions are renewable in May, so will you please accept this reminder and send us yours now if you think it is due, or overdue.

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