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RESURGENCE Vol. 2. No. 4 November/December 1968 3/-


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Editorial Poem ' Householder ' The Absurd Society Patricia Jackson


John Papworth 24 Abercorn Place London, N.W.8


JOHN COLLIER The American Indian and The Poetry


Long Hope Selected Bibliography Poem

David Kuhrt 127 Highbury New Park London, N.5


Indian Lands in the U.S.A. Quotes

Layout & Art Graham Keen John Furnival

A Pyramid of Hope for Mankind Arnold Toynbee

Advertising Dharam Pal

Letters Ernest Bader, Olwen Battersby,

Jane Mayes, D. S. Savage, Arthur Uloth, Kate Walters. Managing Editor Roger Franklin

Union or Secession

Leopold Kohr

Review Risinghill: Death of a

Comprehensive School


Summerhill Notebook Lied by Nova/is John Papworth

Business & Subs. Jacob Garonzhki 94 Priory Road

London, N.W.6

Contributors An introduction of ARNOLD TOYNBEE seems unnecessary, but readers might like to be reminded that his famous twelve volume Study of History appeared from 1934 to 1961. He was born in 1889, and was, until his retirement in 1955, Research Professor of International History at the University of London. Other well known books include Civilisation on Trial (1948), War and Civilisation (1951), The World and the West (1952 - Rieth Lectures), and more recently, Change and Habit (1966).

Our cover this issue is by 9 year old MICHELE FRANKLIN, the Managing Editor's daughter. She regards Resurgence as a long, long talk and a meeting. Unfortunately we could reproduce only a monochrome of the original drawing, which has a lavish multicolour gaiety.

PATRICIA JACKSON, is a student in her 3rd year, studying English Literature at University College, London. Her poem originally appeared in U.C.L. Poetry 1966, a collection of writing from the Poetry Workshop Seminar.


In the last issue a note on the" Fourth World Newsletter " made reference to the Soil Association. We should like to make clear that the Soil Association is in no way connected with Resurgence or its policies and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by any contrary impression that may have been created.



LEOPOLD KOHR was born in 1909 in Austria and studied at the Universities of Innsbruck, Paris and Vienna. He is a prolific writer, and has lectured and broadcast extensively in North America. He is Professor of Economics at the University of Puerto Rico, and he has been the economic adviser of Anguilla since that island declared its independence. His book, The Breakdown of Nations (1957) was reviewed in Resurgence 9 (Sept./Oct. 1967). He is currently on a sabbatical and is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Extramural Studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

THE FOURTH WORLD A free newsletter for Resurgence subscribers This newsletter is designed to give a clearer picture of Resurgence production problems, and to bring more frequent news of events that relate to Resurgence affairs, so as to facilitate reader involvement. It also gives fuller details of Resurgence activities, such as the Fourth World conferences, lectures and meetings, and details of the main activities of organisations that share some aspects of Resurgence concerns. These organisations include those working for peace, conservation of resources, the promotion of wise husbandry, and which are opposed to the poisoning of the biosphere, together with those whose main concern is for radical or decentralist approaches to the problem of power - including those promoting more autonomy for small national groups. The first issue of the newsletter is due now in December. Extra copies at I/- each from The Business Manager of Resurgence

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