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Vol. 2. No. 3 September/October 1968 3/-


Editorial Group



8 12


EditoriaJs Invincible.


Views on Gandhi from Lord Boyd Orr, Naomi


John Papworth 24 Abercom Place London, N.W.8

Mitchison, Lord Sorensen, Poetry David Kuhn

The New Economics E. F. Schumacher.

127 Highbury New Park London, N.5

Gandhi Quotes.

Review Gandhi, A Study in Revolution

Prisoners Progress

Layout Graham Keen & Art John Furnival

16 Poem,' Bombed Church' David Morris.


Letten D. S. Savage, S. G. Lawrence,

Peace News.


The Big Stir Ray Gosling

Advertising Dharam Pal

Managing editor Roger Franklin

20 Poem ' The End of all David Kuhrt our Purposes '


French Notebook John Papworth

23 Poem,' For a Young Singer' Peter Robins.

Business & Subs. Jacob Garonzhki 94 Priory Road

London, N.W.6


DR. E. F. SCHUMACHER is the Director of Statistics of the National Coal Board. He also acts as the main inspiration behind the Intermediate Technology Development Group. He was educated at the universities of Bonn, Berlin, Oxford and Columbia, and has worked in business, farming and journalism. Since 1946 he has been Economic Adviser to the British Control Commission in Germany, the Government of Burma, and the Indian Planning Commission. In recent years his brilliant lectures and writing on appropriate methods of development have attracted much attention. The article published here is taken from his address to The Fourth World conference on

• • The Breakdown of Nations·· held in London in August. Our versatile poetry editor, DAVID KUHRT bas drawn the cover for this Gandhi centenary issue. He trained as a graphic designer, and started writing poetry while at art school. Following a year in advertising, he felt disinclined to help capitalist enterprise further and spent a year at an adult education college and 15 months abroad, included a study of art therapy. He now teaches at the Maudsley Hospital School for maladjusted children in South London.

Leicester Univ., then managed a rock group & young people's caff. Wrote Fabian pamphlet Lady Albermar/e's Boys (1961) and book Sum Total (Faber, 1962)." Lives in Nottingham working for a tenants association, and in Manchester working for Granada TV (currently On Site programme's Ombudsman). Also does brilliant radio sketches of " towns " like Cheltenham and Birmingham. He says (Granada TV Times), "There is well organised machinery for sorting troubles out. The tragedy is that not enough people know how to use it or even that it exists. They try to fight a battle on their own, fail a few times, get discouraged and give up."

PETER ROBINS, a former radio correspondent in Central Africa, has published a book of poems and has had several plays broadcast. In his late 30's, works for the BBC and lives in South London. Another poem of his was published in Resurgence Vol. 1, No. 6.

About himself, DAVID MORRIS says: • • unmarried, untravelled, uninteresting. Born 1940. Have, except for 2 years in London, lived all my life in Worcestershire." Which suggests, as our poetry editor remarks, that, to judge from the quality of his first published poem (this issue),

RAY GOSLING (now 28) "grew in Northampton David Morris may be hiding his light under a -Grammar School & Railway Signal Box. bushel.

N E X T I S S U E : Special JOHN COLLIER memorial feature


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