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RESURGENCE Vol. 2. No. 2 July/ August 1968 3/-

Editorial : 2-4 Abercorn Place, London, N.W.8. Subscriptions: 9-4, Priory Road, London, N.W.6. Poetry : 127 Highbury New Park, London, N.S Printer: farmer & Sons Ltd., 295 Ed1ware Rd ., London. W .2












Herbert Read

Clara Eggink

Leopold Kohr

Nico Verhoeven

Bert Voeten


Roger Franklin

John Papworth

The Revolution

The Self and the Community

Poem ' The Tenderness that is S;/ence '

Sky-Scraper Economics

Poem 'On the Helmets'

Poem ·With an Eye on Tomorrow '

Quotes from The Revolution

A vraham C. Ben Y osef, Roger Franklin ,

Justin W. Dart

The Fourth World

Review, 'African Genesis,' 'The Territorial

Imperative,' ' The Naked Ape'

Paris Notebook



CORRECTION In the May/June issue of Resurgence, the article Non-Violence in the West (I) was published under the name of GEOFFREY ASHE. The article was, in fact, written by PETER TWILLEY, to whom Non-Violence in the West (II) was correctly attributed. We apologise to both writers for this mistake.

HENRI CHOPIN's cover he calls "Frogs' legs, extra-political collage" (Apr. 19~8). Chopin s~y.s he was "born in 1922 accordmg to the civil servants, and born of all ages, according to himself". In 1950-52 he created "a space-art, against all the established appellations of a~t''. In 1957 he invented "a personal language, which is suggestive and not discoursive and didactic . .. a projection of life, rather than individual . expression." He " loves life and ref uses merely to exist," and he "denies any Hitlers, de Gaulles or Wilsons the right to direct him", saying, "Just ask yourselves what in fact they are qualified in . . . Think of all those who have killed, in the name of right, from Alexander to our days." He continues to "group together authors and men who have freed themselves completely of the Word", and to "destroy all lying speeches, even when they are sincere."

* * * Our tribute to SIR HERBERT READ (18931968) is printed alongside one of his last articles that we feel it is appropriate to publish now.


We are finally publishing three poems translated by JOHN STEVENS WADE (from the Dutch of NICO VERHOEVEN, BERT VOETEN and CLARA EGGINK), which we have held back for some months in the hope of contacting Mr. Wade for further information about himself and the poets he has rendered into such fair-sounding English. Poems by him have appeared in The Nation, The Cambridge Review, West Coast Review, The Dubliner, Exit, Etc. He is an American living - when he sent us the poems - in Cornwall. We should like to get in touch with him again.

* * * LEOPOLD KOHR was born in 1909 in Austria and studied at the Universities of Innsbruck, Paris and Vienna. He is a prolific writer, and has lectured and broadcast extensively in North America. He is now Professor of Economics at the University of Puerto Rico, and he has been the economic adviser of Anguilla since that island declared its independence a year ago. His book, The Breakdown of Nations (1957) was reviewed in Resurgence 9 (Sept./Oct. 1967), and the article published here is based on a chapter of his book, The Overdeveloped Nations, which is not yet available in English. Kohr will be a key speaker at The Fourth World Conference in London (Aug. 5th-9th 1968), which is being convened under the somewhat controversial title of his earlier book.

* * * ROGER FRANKLIN, who is helping to edit Resurgence, has a background in science and a long-standing concern to find ways to a more peaceful world . He is at present studying and writing, and seeking new constructive approaches.

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