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RESURGENCE Vol. I. No. 12 March/April 1968 2/6

Editorial : 22. Nevern Road, Earls Court, London, S.W.5 Subscriptions: 94, Priory Road, London, N.W.6. Poetry: 127 Highbury New Park, London, N.5 Printer: Farmer & Sons Ltd., 29S Ed11ware Rd., London, W.2


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Editorial Comment The Heart of the Matter The State of the Movement

Let the Debate Begin The Ugly Question

Vinoba Bhave Jayaprakash :Narayan

Paul Roche

Atomic Age Indepef!dence Sarvodaya and Socialism Poem Quotes

Correspondence Kenneth Tucker Vic Richardson, Dave Cunliffe, Paul Derrick The Scottish National Party


John Seymour Herb Gottesman Gordon K. Lewis

David Kohrt John Papworth

R. F.

A New Kind of Man Poem - ' The History of Science' Review - ' La Vida ' Poem - ' Ho Chi Minh to Dante ' Earl's Court Notebook The Fourth World

This Issue

JAYAPRAKASH :NARAYAN'. Born 1902. Educated in Bihar, and a graduate of Madison and Chicago Universities. Author of 'From Socialism to Sarvodaya' (1958), and 'Three Basic Problems of Free India' (1964).

Began his early political career as an ardent Marxist. Later joined the Praja Socialist Party and subsequently became its President, as well as being elected to the presidency of several of India's largest trade unions.

In 1957, he suddenly resigned all his offices, and quit party politics to work in the land gift movement begun by Vinoba Bhave. Despite the furore his decision caused at the time, he is today one of the most widely respected men in India and is currently President of the Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development. (ARV ARD). KE:NNETH TUCKER is a horticultural expert who works for the Greater London Council. He is a founder member of the London branch of the Scottish National Party and was its Secretary for more than three years. When a sassenach politician known as Edward Heath, who is the member of parliament for Bexley attacked the S.N.P. _and described it as ' flower power' Mr. Tucker decided to set up a S.N.P. branch in Bexley. He is a member of the S.N.P. National Council and of the Celtic League. DAVID KUHRT is 27 and a teacher of maladjusted children in a state institution. He gained his initial experiences of this work in Rudolph Steiner schools here and in Germany.

JOHN' SEYMOUR is much travelled in Africa and Asia. In India, he gained first hand experience of the Khadi (handweaving) movement, and became convinced that civilisation was not possible in a world dominated by giant industry and materialism. On returning to England he took up smallholding in Suffolk and is now seeking to reclaim seventy acres of neglected land in Pembrokeshire. He is the author of numerous books on travel and on his Gandhian philosophy.

PAUL ROCHE born in India, is an Englishman who has lived for many years in America, where in 1965 he won the first Alice Fay di Castagnola Prize. His verse translations of Sophocles and Aeschylus have sold many hundreds of thousands in paperback in the States, and he has Plautus and Sappho volumes in preparation. He now lives with his American wife and four children in the heart of Berkshire. ·

HERBERT H. GOITESMA:N an American citizen in his early thirties, lives in Chichester (Sussex). He has been a freelance journalist and a public relations consultant and now works in the field of further education.

* * *

The cover of this issue was designed by JUDITH PILCHER. Born in Johannesburg 19.1.47 of South African parentage, she has lived all her life in Lourenco Marques, Mozambique. She has studied at Art Colleges in Johannesburg and Hammersmith and is now a student at Bath Academy of Art.

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