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RESURGENCE Vol. 1. No. 10 November/December 1967 2/6

Editori;al : 22. Nevern Road, Earls Court, London, S.W.S Subscriptions: 94 , Priory Road, N.W.6

Printer : Firmer & Sons Ltd ., 295 Edgware Rd., London, W .2


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Editorial Comment

E. F. Schumacher

John Stallworthy

Mildred Loomis Correspondence

Sybil Morrison John Papworth Roger Franklin

David Kohrt John Papworth

" Intelligence." Latin-American Illusions, l.F.l. - International Foundation for Independence . Publications.

Man Need Not Starve.

Poem - Portrait of Robert Capa. "Quotes."

Go A head and Live!

The Fourth World.

Review - "Enzio Sereni. A Hero of Our Times." Review - " 20 Letters to a Friend." Review - " Direct Democracy."

Poem - Narcissus. Polaris Notebook . Publications. Resurgence Affairs.

This Issue

DAVID KUHRT started writing poetry at an art school where he trained as a graphic designer. After a year in advertising he felt disinclined to help capitalist forms of enterprise further and spent a year at an adult education college. He then went abroad for 15 months, including six months studying art therapy. He is now teaching at the Maudsley Hospital School for maladjusted children in South London.

MILDRED LOOMIS, now in her sixties, has been the Director of Education of the School of Living (at Brookville, Ohio) since 1950, and Editor of its publications since 1945. With John Loomis she has been an active homesteader since their marriage in 1940. A graduate in economics, and with another degree in education, she has ground all her own wheat and baked all the bread in her home for ·more than a quarter of a century. In 1965 she edited a new book on homesteading entitled " Go ahead and Live ! "

SYBIL MORRISON has served the peace movement in numerous capacities since she entered it at the end of the first World War. She has been a regular columnist of Peace News (under the editorship of Gilbert Murray), a chairman of the Peace Pledge Union and a prominent advocate of pacifism at more meetings and conferences than she can hope to recall. Although nominally retired she


is still in constant demand (and supply) as a speaker, she is currently Chairman of the Consultative Committee of Peace Organisations, and has been a member of the Resurgence Editorial Group since its inception.

DR. E. F. SCHUMACHER is the Director of Statistics of the National Coal Board whose writings on questions of aid and development have attracted so much attention in recent years. He was educated at the Universities of Bonn, Berlin, Oxford and Columbia (New York) and has worked in business, farming and journalism. Since 1946 he has been Economic Adviser respectively to the British Control Commission in Germany, the Government of Burma and the Indian Planning Commission. He is the main inspiration behind the Intermediate Technology Group. The article published here is taken from a lecture he delivered in 1966 at a conference organised by the Ruth Morrison Advisory Group and the West of England Campaign Against Factory Farming.

Editorial Group

John Furnival, Graham Keen (Art Work), David Kuhrt (Poetry Editor), Sybil Morrison, Chris Reeve. Editor: John Papworth. Business Manager: Jacob Garonzhki. Corresponding Secretary : Roger Franklin.

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