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Vol. 1. No. 6

March/ April 1967



EDITORIAL : Peace Action




The Key to Social Revolution

Jayaprakash Narayan

REVIEW : Prison Notes

Barbara Deming

POEM : The Enclosure of Helpston

John Barrell

Who are the Red Guards

Helen Foster Snow


Albert Camms, J. B. Priestley, Paul Goodman


Roger Franklin, Werner Pelz, Peter Gorge, Sam Wolfe

Hungarian Notebook

John Papworth









POEM : Gardening For Beginners

Peter Robins

Resurgence Affairs



editorial group

Peter Allen (Circulation), Neil Collins (Money), Graham Keen (Art Work), David Kuhrt, (Poetry Editor), Brenda Jordan, Sybil Morrison. Editor: John Papworth.

next issue The Economics of Intermediate Technology

E. F. Schumacher

What Power? To Whom?

Werner Pelz

'An Open Letter To Arnold Wesker'

john Papworth

Colin Wilson's' Beyond The Outsider'

Reviewed by Anne Vogel

Readers' letters are welcomed; the Editor reserves the right to abbreviate correspondence when necessary and when this can be done without altering the substance.

Editorial : 22, Nevern Road, Earls Court, London, S.W.S

Printer: Farmer & Sons Ltd., 295 Edgware Rd., London, W.2


this issue JOHN BARRELL is 23 years old, married and lives on the Essex coast. Is at present a research student at the University of Essex. ["The Enclosure of Hdpston" first appeared in Stand, to which grateful acknowledgement is made.- Eo.] JAYAPRAKASH NARAYAN was educated in the United States and in Britain. He returned to India as an avowed and for a while was active in the Indian Communist Party. He subsequently abandoned Marxism for Social Democracy, and in the early post-independence period became the Chairman of the Indian Socialist Party. Since then he has moved on to work with the Bhoodan (land gift) movement and has developed his ideas in a number of books, " Towards the New Society," "Swaraj for The People." A few copies of " Swaraj for The People " remain in stock, price 5/- post free from 22 Nevern Road, London, S.W.5. JOHN PAPWOR TH, age 46, is the Editor of Resurgence and became a pacifist after becoming convinced that power politics, however "left wing," are merely part of the drive to war. Was formerly a war monger for some years in the R.A.F. and later by being a member of the Labour Party. PETER ROBINS, a former radio correspondent in Central Africa, has published a book of poems and has had13 plays broadcast. Is in his late 30's, works for the B.B.C. and lives in South London. HELEN FOSTER SNOW, who also writes under the pen-name of NYM WALES, lived in China and the Far East for nearly ten years and was a student at Yenching University, Peking in 1934-35. Her literary output, mostly on questions relating to Asian afairs, is tremendous and has included numerous books, articles, encyclopaedia contributions, book reviews and historical essays and researches. Is now living in the U.S.A.

publications Editors of journals wishing to appear in this column are invited to send details to R esurgence, 22 Nevern Road, London, S.W.5, England. Voluntary Action (Formerly AV ARD) the journal of the Association of Voluntary Agencies for of the Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development. Gives a useful and detailed picture of development work on gandhian lines in India. Available from Housmans, 3 /- post free. The Pacifist. The monthly journal of the Peace Pledge Union. Price 1/- from P.P.U., 6 Endsleigh Street, W.C.1. New Departures. International Review of literature and the arts. Editor Michael Horovitz, 29 Colville Terrace, London, W.11. Liberation. Monthly. Editor, Dave Dellinger, £2 p.a. from Housmans, 5 Caledonian Road, N.1. War Resistance. Quarterly of the W.R.I. Price 1/6. 88 Park Avenue, Enfield, Middlesex.

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