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Vol. I. No. 5

January /February 1967


THIS ISSUE EDITORIAL : China at the Brink COMMENT : The Press


En Route to Hanoi

Dave Dellinger


2 3 4 5 7


Lewis Mumford, Colin Wilson, George Orwell


Men, Animals & Men

David Cooper

Politics of Nutrition

Michael Allaby



POEM : • · During the war, I ... "

George Dowden

The Somali Struggle

The Earl of Lytton




David Kuhrt, Brenda Jordan, Jack Sayers

Hungarian Notebook

John Papworth

Resurgence Affairs




editorial group

Peter Allen (Circulation), Neil Collins (Money), Graham Keen (Art Work), David Kuhrt, (Poetry Editor), Brenda Jordan, Sybil Morrison. Editor: John Papworth.

next issue The Key to Social Revolution.

}ayaprakash Narayan

The Red Guards in China.

He/en Foster Snow

Hungarian Notebook II.

john Papworth

The Dangers of a United Europe

Editorial : 22, Nevern Road, Earls Court, London, S.W.5

Printer: Farmer & Sons Ltd., 295 Edgware Rd., London, W.2


this issue

MICHAEL ALLABY is the Assistant Editor of the Soil Association's journal Mother Earth. Was once a police cadet in Birmingham, then a fighter pilot and subsequently an actor. Is married, has a daughter of 7, and lives in Hampstead. DR. DAVID COOPER was born in Cape Town in 1931, graduated in medicine and surgery in the University of Cape Town and later qualified in psychological medicine; is married and has three children; is the author of numerous articles and papers, is co-author with R. D. Fang of "Reason & Violence " and has a new book appearing in February entitled" Psychiatry & Anti-Psychiatry." DA VE DELLINGER is the Editor of "Liberation", the well known U.S. radical pacifist monthly. He has travelled to many parts of the world in the cause of peace, and has just returned to the U.S. at the conclusion of his trip to North Vietnam, where he spent 19 days, including extensive travel outside Hanoi in heavily bombed areas. (He was also able to spend 11 days in China). GEORGE .OOWDEN was born in Philadelphia in 1932, and holds degrees from Bucknell and New York Universities. At present writing a thesis on Allen Ginsberg and the poetry situation of the U.S.A. of the mid-fifties for a doctorate at the University of Sussex. Is married to an English girl and lives in London. THE EARL OF LYTTON is a professional military man who was rather surprised to find himself being asked to write for a pacifist journal. He is an expert on Somali affairs, having served in Somalia and neighbouring territories in a variety of capacities as well as being a freeman of a Somali town. His military career was brought to a standstill as a result of injuries from a road accident whilst hitchhiking in Algeria. Is married, has five children (all at school), and runs a farm on Exmoor when he is not writing. Is the author of five books and numerous articles, and says that he was a conservative until Suez when he became a cross-bencher.

In each issue of Resurgence we seek to give an account of at least one of the smaller human groupings that is struggling to retain its identity against the encroachments of powerful neighbours, or against the governments that presume to rule over them. In previous issues we have given some account of the Nagas and the Nisqually Indians of the northern U.S.A., and in this issue we publish an account of the plight of the Somali people in Kenya and Ethiopia. In future issues we hope to cover the struggle of the Celtic League (not the football concern but the people of Brittany, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland and Wales who regard themselves as one people distinct from their neighbours and who seek to establish a common nation), the Aborigine tribes of Australia, the Catalonians, and others. Our purpose here is explicit, to affirm the sovereign right of all people and such groupings as to which they feel they belong, to be free to decide their own way of life, untrammelled by the pretensions of overmighty and artificial nation states to do it for them. We should like to hear from readers who know of any peoples that have need to struggle for such rights and who can provide some background information.

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