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African Business February 2009 February 2009

African Business February 2009 ISSUE 350 WWW.AFRICASIA.COM


14 Cover Story Aid - who benefits?

Editorial 13changingtheworld

Cover Story 14thedevelopmentMyth 22howAidworks(ordoesn’t) 28thetopthreedonors

Focus Food production in Africa 30thebiglandsell-off 32Malawitakesanewangle 34SudanasMeastfoodbasket?

2010 World Cup Watch 36Zimbabweimage  damaging2010brand

 Energy 38Backtothecoalage

Letter from East Africa 60Statisticsandotherlies

Tourism 61UkandUScouldleadvisitor charge

Special Country Report Gabon 62Bongo:Whogoes  slowly,goessurely

Special Report Mining in Africa 40Waitingforthestormtopass 44Mauritania:Mittaldeal isthekey 46Guinea:Juntauncertaintyclouds miningsector 50S Africa:Manganeseshoresup Beecompanies 52DR Congo:A$24trillionfortune


Guest Column 66howBotswanaavoidedthe ‘resourcecurse’

Countryfiles 68S Africa:Zuma,the‘great escapeartist’ 70Nigeria:Searchforpricestability 72Ghana:theJohnAttaMillseffect 74Malawi:thecharcoalconundrum

Reviews Books/Music 80dobicyclesequaldevelopmentin Mozambique? 82ry-coJazz

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