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November 2014






Kingfishers in Lewisham

— sparkling proof cities and wildlife can co-exist


06 Apex arachnid

Madeira’s giant wolf spiders have become top predators Plus Coyotes in Chicago 12 Seven wild spectacles

See starling murmurations, Bewick’s swans and grey seal pups this November 14 Science of the deer rut

We reveal the science of this great autumnal drama Plus Garden wildlife 16 Reader’s wildlife blogs

Sumatran leaf monkeys Plus Cornish rockpools and mating grasshoppers 18 Discover saltmarshes

Why these coastal wetlands are best for winter wildlife Plus Six top locations


BBC Wildlife

Features Agenda

20 Seasonal tree guide

Twelve di f f erent l eaves to look for and identify FREE Download online 22 Latest scientific research

Copycat cockatoos, floral gymnastics and DNA from polar bear footprints

28 Best urban wildlife

We celebrate the diversity of our urban wildlife and profile UK’s best cities for spotting everything from dolphins to peregrines 60 Rainforest gardener

Southern cassowary: the fruit-hungry giant 68 African wild dog

Heartening news that these rare social canids are recovering in some areas 76 Greatest bat migration

Ten million fruit bats flock to Zambian swamps 84 Where are our next

84 Will gadgets help connect us to nature?

generation of naturalists? Discover why naturalists are an endangered species

45 Gwent Levels road threat

Proposal for M4 relief road alarms conservationists 46 Vulture drug faces ban

EU may outlaw drug that kills vultures and eagles Plus New red squirrel study 47 Mark Carwardine

Firm action needed on lost and discarded fishing gear 49 Sustainable coffee

How to ensure a caffeine hit doesn’t destroy habitats 50 Tiger census debate

India’s latest tiger data is out soon – can we trust it? 53 You r Fe edbac k

Refloating stranded whales, birders’ behaviour and your views on cats and wildlife

November 2014

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