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August 2015






Discover the surprising ways animals are adapting to urban environments


6 Lesser woodpecker

Chris Packham focuses on the fortunes of lesser spotted woodpeckers 8 August wildlife highlights Stone curlews, weasels, anemones and the latest news and wildlife sightings 11 Long-distance migrants

Why we have butterfly invasions Plus Three seaweeds for you to spot 12 Mating damselflies

Learn how the male guards the female from rivals 14 Ripening blackberries

All you need to know about this autumnal fruit Plus How to tell bat poo and mice poo apart


BBC Wildlife

16 Latest science research

Why cocktails keep chimpanzees content Plus Nightingale vocals 20 Brazil’s giant armadillos

Key discoveries revealed from Pantanal research


Did blackberries influence human evolution?

Features Agenda

26 USA cougar behaviour

A project in the Rockies is unlocking the secrets of the life of mountain lions 36 Falkland I s l ands

The return of the caracara is causing problems for farmers – and other wildlife 58 Urban predator

Discover how animals around the world are adapting to city living 68 Can nature cure?

Why access to nature can make us both happy and healthy 72 Mountain hares

Are Scotland’s hares out of sync with the seasons?

47 Marine wildlife conflict

Scotland’s marine reserves may hang in the balance 48 Catastrophic declines

Six African vulture species need urgent conservation Plus UK humpback whale sightings are increasing 49 N E W My Agenda

A conservation farmer devotes land to wildlife 52 Farmers and foxes

After plans to reform the Hunting Act failed, do we need to control foxes at all? 54 You r Fe edbac k

Britain’s wild future, the Maltese hunt and the lynx effect Plus Your fantastic smartphone wildlife pics

August 2015

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