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October 2015


Cheetahs are in an arms race with their prey, but they are much more than just speed machines






6 Red squirrels

Chris Packham explains why native reds are getting busy at this time of the year 8 October highlights Tawny ow l s , c omma butterflies, pipistrelle bats, jays, fungi and fieldfares 11 Leaping salmon

Learn how salmon make the journey upstream Plus Woodland fungi 12 Red deer rut explained

All you need to know about this seasonal spectacle 14 Banded snail shells

Why you should appreciate these highly varied beauties Plus Beechmast years and discovering garden spiders

4 BBC Wildlife

Features Agenda

16 Latest science research

We reveal the diversity of European butterflies Plus Chimpanzee tools 20 Amur tiger conservation

Why Russian tigers need a healthy fear of humans


26 BBC One’s The Hunt

Discover the superpowers that make the cheetah nature’s ultimate predator 38 British Wildlife

Photography Awards How the winners took their amazing images 60 Harvest mice

The project to save Britain’s smallest rodent 70 Gulls behaving badly

Are we responsible for a change in bird behaviour? 88 UK’s most exciting zoos

We reveal some of the newest, most innovative zoo and aquarium exhibits

October is the month to discover woodland fungi

49 New squirrel vaccine

The race to save reds from the fatal squirrelpox virus 50 Blue whale conservation

Researchers recommend a change to shipping routes Plus Scientists call for an end to the badger cull 51 My Agenda

A St Ives artist is working to protect precious woodland 52 Cecil the lion

Why banning trophy hunting will not in itself save Africa’s lions 56 You r Fe edbac k

Are lynx already in the UK? Plus Alien species and more great naturalists

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