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c o n t e n t s FEBRURRVBDDOISSUE NO 156

4 E d i t o r ia l ©Manchester United

6 D i a r y Funny money at St James’ Park; Roy Keane waves his wad;

Manny Omoyimni’s moment o f fame; Wednesday win a match

1 2 T h e B i g g e r P i c t u r e Travelling fans frozen out at Highbury

1 4 S i d e l i n e s German reactions to that draw; Ally McCoist gives up his day job; a Mexican coach who attacks from the left;the Football Task Force splits in two

1 9 T h r e e C a r e l e s s O w n e r s Latest developments in the comedy drama at Crystal Palace - have a calculator handy; Mansfield supporters launch their own takeover bid; why fans’ groups may play a role in Bill Kenwright’s attempt to revive Everton

2 4 F o r e i g n P l a y e r s Jan Molby looks back at his playing career;

overseas footballers before Ardiles andCo;JanAgeFj ortoft’s experiences among the international contingent at Middlesbrough

3 0 S o , M i c h a e l P a l in ? Why a Sheffield Utd win sounds much better when you’re 3,000 miles away

3 3 B u i l d i n g S i g h t s All there is to know about wage structures

3 4 R e g i o n a l R o u n d - u p Football folklore ofthe west midlands; fan frustrations in Wolverhampton; can Birmingham City’s manager ever live up to the expectations he created as a player?

4 6 F o o t b a l l M y t h s Do the wide open spaces o f Wembley really take their toll on tired legs ?







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