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4 Editorial The Premiership needs competition, not more quality 8 D iary England’smastery of Europe ends; Tigana to the Thames;

knee misery for Ronaldo and Ruud; Wimbledon lose everything 1 2 T h e B igger P ic tu re Last-daytension atTurfMoor in 1987 1 4 S id e l in e s Football prices stop going up; farewell to Wilf

Mannion; Chesterfield and Swindon on the market 1 8 V io lence Reports from Leedsand Istanbul in the aftermath of the murder of United fans; mayhem goesunchecked in eastern Europe; stabbing turns the spotlight on AtleticoMadrid's far right followers 2 4 C raig B row n The Scotland manager saysforeign coaches aren’t

28 C o a ches A b ro ad StevePerryman followed Ossie Ardiles to

Japan and now finds himself one of the most respected coaches in the country. Plus, why no German club would employ Karlheinz Riedle 3 1 E ngland 2006 A ppeal To rake in the required funds the FA

needs players, managers and chairmen to lose their rag abit more 3 4 L eague E xpansion The Scottish Premier Leaguedoesn’t want clubs with tatty grounds. The Irish Leaguedoesn’thave achoice 36 E a s t M id la n d s Peaks and troughs in Clough country; why


Derbycan’t be bothered tohate Forest; Leicester plough their own furrow; Notts County coming back into fashion 4 6 Football M y th s Germany aren’t lucky. Nor do they alwayswin allthey’re cracked up tobe and tips England to dowellat Euro 2000 regulars football book club w s c t - s h i r t s web w s c subs letters c lassifieds w s c books

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