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wsc interview Stephen lodge 24

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t vL/ I L t l v I I L C J JULVHDD1ISSUEN 4 Editorial How much are footballers worth? 6 Diary QPR and Wimbledon get together; crises for Adam Crozier;

Liverpool complete aset of cups; Bolton’s bonanza

10 The Bigger Picture Barnet return to the Conference

12 Sidelines Harry Redknapp hammered; crowd disaster in Ghana;

Coventry calamity; boost for Berlin; aman called Maria

16 Alaves &Boavista Why Alaves' European excursion may prove to be aone-off; how Boavista made history in Portugal

18 Football Politics The aims of Supporters Direct; Chesterfield fans fight back; football under New Labour; why the parties won’t seek the fans’vote in 2001; where football and politics meet n 3_____________________________________ 22 Art of Motivation How footballers get “up for it"

24 Referees Former FIFA official Stephen Lodge looks back at his career as the man in the middle; do players and managers understand the laws ofthe game?; referees’writing wrongs

31 World Cup 2002 Latvia’s coach paid the price after their recent humiliating draw with San Marino - and he was one of ours too

34 Texaco Cup The brief Seventies heyday of acup competiton based around Anglo-Scottish rivalry

37 Play-offs Fifteen years of laughter and tears at die end of the season. Preston fans may want to look away now

46 Football Myth They should never have scrapped re-election regulars !3 wsc books football tin the web wsc subs back issues letters classifieds






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