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outofhisshinan seasonreview

HUGUBT E 0 □ 1 I S S i]

4 E d ito r ia l There’s an awful lot of football on TV next season

6 D ia ry Manager-swapping at Middlesbrough; Arsenal splash the cash for the fox in the box; Dundee out of Europe; Wilko steps down

10 T h e B ig g e r P ic tu re When Bobby Moore played with Pele and against England

12 S id e l in e s New England fan initiative; Brentford on the move;

drugs at St Johnstone; Sven-Goran’s psychology masterclass

16 W em b le y Kate Hoey is the latest tolose her job over the notional national stadium, but it may not have been entirely her fault

19 S e a s o n R e v ie w A Newcastle fan calls time on Premiership posturing; all three Football League divisions given a going-over regulars wsc subs &back issues football an the web

NO 114

2 4 R a c ism WSC is republishing the 1989 book about John Barnes,

Out Of His Skin. Author Dave Hill looks atfootball and racism 12 years on; five prominent black players from the Eighties tell ithow it was; Holland's football debt to its former colony Surinam

30 M e rg e d c lu b s The small legacy of bitterness left by Rushden &

Diamonds; how Inverness put two clubs together and made it work

33 S u r v e y Fed up with football on TV? Tell someone who cares

36 B r ita in v th e W o r ld Demoralised Holland crushed in 1946

38 W o r ld C u p 2 0 0 2 Mexicans can’t watch their qualifying efforts

4 0 Q u iz Perfect for the beach, our testing summer work-out

4 6 F o o tb a l l M y th Who’s afraid of playing away? wscboDks letters classifieds




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