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D r i l l i x a a r c t s o c c e r c o a c h i n g s o f t w a r e

T a k e a s im p l e s t e p t o im p r o v e y o u r g a m e

D r i llB o a rd is the revolutionary interactive soccer coaching tool that no team can afford to be without.

This virtual tactics board is simple, cost-effective and easy to use. It provides a graphical d isplay o f the football pitch, the teams, the p layers and their movements and enables every team to:

•Effectively communicate tactics and training programmes •Build a lib rary o f tactics, match situations and training drills • Share knowledge and expertise • Empower p layers to take control in match p la y situations • Improve coaching effectiveness and improve team results

D r i llB o a rd benefits everyone who is passionate about improving their performance - whether a grass-roots player, or a manager at the highest level.

F o r y o u r F r e e T r i a l g o t o w w w . s o c c e r c o a c h c e n t r a l . c o m



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Vital Football is an independent football network run by the fans for the fans. We take football seriously but not ourselves...

Vital is enjoying a growing and loyal following with over 1.2million unique visitors a month, offering a fully interactive football community experience for fans of all ages following our ethos to provide a platform for them to express their opinions. Fans can read articles, leave comments, join in the forums as well as having their own say by submitting their own articles or poll suggestions.

The network also provides a portal for campaign groups, pressure groups and other football related worthy causes such as Football Aid, the Football Fans Census, Football Supporters Federation and the Stand Up Sit Down campaign.

So why not visit,select your team (via the team selector or links in the league tables) and join in!

1 0 0 % U n o f f i c i a l By the fans, for the fans If it’s Football - it’s Vital!

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