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When Saturday Comes

NOV/DEC 1987 No.11

Briton Expelled by Spain after “Shocking Ordeal” Round the Clock Watch on Kendall, Toshack

Brave Terry ‘El Tel’Venables returned to this country still shocked at his treatment at the hands of Spanish officials after he was expelled from his post as one of Britain’s top diplomats abroad. Terry, the chirpy cockney who became known to millions of newspaper headline writers simply as ‘El Tel’, clutched a few miserable million peseta notes, all that he had been able to bring out of the country, as he told reporters of his ordeal: “The situation had been tense for some weeks, but when the news came it all happened so quickly. All I had time to do was pack a few suitcases full of money and get on the first plane. Still, that’s the Dagos for you, eh?”

Catalan Story Short

Now fears are rising for the safety of other British representatives in Spain as the diplomatic crisis comes to a head. Howard Kendall, contacted in Bilbao would say only: “I ’ve got no idea what you’re going on about ”. Of those remaining in Barcelona, at least 50% are expected to return to Britain within the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the famous ‘El Tel’ is looking forward to some peace and quiet away from the tensions of international power-politics. “I ’ll probably go and watch some games down the Orient”, he quipped.

El Tel: Now the search is on for a new nickname.

Inside The Incredible Hull Lincoln in Limbo

MIRANDINHA: The Man, The Mystery,

The Pre-Match Muesli

Here it comes! Only a few weeks left before the start of the Simod Cup. (Book early to ensure disappointment).

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